It’s 7:10 in the morning and I am already refereeing these two. Bode is only 10 months old, I can only imagine when he’s a toddler or little boy, the chaos that’s going to ensue. I can’t help but laugh, though. They both looked so freaking cute this morning and I so badly wanted to get a good picture of the two of them. Well, below you will see the outcome. Out of probably, oh, 20+ pictures, these were the best ones I got. Most of them were so blurry you couldn’t even tell what was going on. Kooper really is good as keeping Bode laughing and distracted while I get everything ready to get out the door in a somewhat timely manner. Every few minutes though I will hear a, “Bailie!! Bailie, HELP!”, as Bode is pulling Kooper’s hair or he’s about to topple over somehow. We are still working on getting those baby deer legs stabilized.


{i was trying so hard to get a picture of this outfit because it’s so freaking adorable, but this was the best I could do}

{sleepy, sleepy eyes}






10 Months!

How in the world is my newborn baby 10 months old today? I cannot believe he will be 1 in two months… It just doesn’t seem possible! Where does the time go? This little ball of orneriness obviously did not want his picture taken this morning. I actually had to wake him up just before 7 so we could leave so he was still half asleep. He normally is up before 6:30 ready to play. I feel like he is more of a toddler than an actual baby now, he’s SO close to walking by himself and eats pretty much anything we eat. Last night he ate a huge bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy. I am having a hard time realizing he isn’t so much of a baby anymore, I will definitely be the mom crying at his first birthday party.


{uh mom, let’s go back to sleep}



Target Red

Yesterday morning, we started the day of with this dude hanging out in his diaper and socks like a real man. It was killing me. He was just straight chillin’ in my bed drinking his bottle. We also had the most AMAZING Christmas pictures taken yesterday with Bishop’s. Their setup and Santa Claus were great! Bode wasn’t sure what to think of Santa, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of him. It was precious. Unfortunately, these pictures are only offered on one day and it’s not big brothers weekend at our house. But, now I have an excuse to get more pictures taken of them!


{pin this look }

IMG_7605.JPG IMG_7620.PNG

{pin this idea }



{after pictures, we did a little target shopping. we got lots of comments on his hat!}

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Plaid & Camo

This is how my morning starts, everyday. Once Bode wakes up, I have two shadows the rest of the morning. I can’t really complain though, they’re both pretty dang cute. It’s somewhat of a task to get a 9 month old dressed (that has decided he hates getting diaper changes/clothes changed) with a 130 pound Great Dane attached to your body. Silly boys.


{our newest food endeavor that we LOVE! Oatmeal with cinnamon.}

{lunch hour chillin’ with momma}


{this kid loves being outside, even as it starts getting cold.}


I’m back! After a much too long leave of absence, I have returned to my blog! I’ve accidentally neglected writing for a few (four) months, but I’m here to stay this time! We’ve had a busy few months with vacations, birthdays, halloween, and more holidays to come. It’s my favorite time of the year! It’s starting to get cold, sweaters and boots weather here in Kansas/Missouri. I say Kansas/Missouri because although I have a MO address, I’m a Jayhawk and I refuse to assimilate as a Missourian. After all, basketball season did start yesterday…..

A little update on Bode (Bow-dee for those of you who aren’t sure how to pronounce it). He is just shy of 10 months and he started taking his first steps over the weekend. He spent the weekend with Nana and Papa while we were in Dallas and they get him good and ready to walk! The kid eats like he’s never had food before. We are still doing formula, baby food 3 times a day, and introducing a slew of actual food too. It is a hot mess in our house at dinner time.

[having some green beans last night]

1487256_10203774007529100_8066369506894383043_n[had to come visit momma, aunt kenz, and poppy at work]



Beanie {similar}

Boy Genius {12 mos}

Gumsole Vans {toddler 4}



4th of July in Pictures

Happy 4th of July from the Saiz family!

Thank God for 3 day weekends, amirite? You can get so much more done with that extra day off work. The important stuff: sleep, snuggles, sun, and margaritas. We had a great time celebrating Bode’s first 4th of July. He was outside all weekend and loved (almost) every minute of it. Kooper also conquered jumping off the rock waterfall so that was pretty awesome. He started off by jumping to me a few times, then I jumped off with him, then he decided he was cool enough to do it by himself the rest of the weekend. You go, little dude. Now if only he would trust us enough to teach him how to swim without the floaties. No luck there.

10502163_10202951301441962_4417398752128156424_n10525631_10202951300481938_8718155786036963238_n 10517552_10202951301121954_2147405944928411043_n

My little guys in their red, white and blue! It’s so freaking cute how much they love each other. Bode does nothing but smile at Kooper. Koop tells us all the time how much he loves having a little brother. Pullin’ at the ole heart strings there buddy.

10376268_10202951299201906_3032014245230377364_n10444635_10202943946618096_6553893800331680168_nBode sure loves his Nonnie & Aunt Kenzie!

10450781_10202950509782171_1338857972061602401_nMy sister, me, and some of my awesome in-laws!


Had to throw in a picture of our True Strength Crossfit family too!

Grilled Zucchini Nachos

I know it’s been a while, but I’m trying to step my game back up. I’m about to start slinging blog posts left and right! Since having my little man in January, I’ve made drastic changes in my diet. I was (and still am) bound and determined to look and feel better than before I ever got pregnant and all my hard work and craziness is finally paying off. I’ve gotten into a gym routine that I love and I’ve found a diet (lifestyle change actually – read more about that here) that is so manageable and easy to stick to. Basically any of our favorite foods out there can be cleaned up a little bit and be perfectly acceptable to eat! Nachos are (or have been) a favorite in my household, but I have pretty much stopped making them because I hadn’t been able to find any substitute for chips that I found acceptable. (I know there are plenty of clean chip substitutes out there, I just prefer fresh veggeies if possible). Then today, it dawned on me. A very generous lady at work always brings in fresh veggies from her garden and this week she brought in these HUGE zucchini. And when I say huge, I mean like, so big you could use it as a weapon to hurt someone. “Stop right there! I’ll beat your ass with this giant zuccchini!”


Anyways, here we have it…. Zucchini Nachos!!


These were just the ingredients I used because they were on hand, use anything you’d like! (I wish I would have had shredded chicken!)

1 LARGE Zucchini
1 Tomato
1/2 Avocado
Green Onions
Lime Juice
Black Beans
Olive Oil
Garlic Powder
Ground Black Pepper

*Brush olive oil on both sides of sliced zucchini and throw it on the griddle (grill or grill pan work too!)
*Shake some garlic powder and black pepper on both sides.
*Grill until browned on both sides.
*Cut up your veggies and throw ’em on top when your zucchini is done cooking.
*I don’t eat cheese, but my sister is little miss picky and doesn’t eat avocados so she was getting her healthy fats from cheese for lunch!

is Advocare healthy?

There is a whirlwind surrounding Arbonne and AdvoCare right now. You need to make informed decisions when you decide to do a cleanse of any kind. Why do a cleanse that contains the materials you’re trying to get rid of?

lindsay leigh bentley

Any time a company doesn’t clearly disclose all of the ingredients in a product I can’t help but find out what they are hiding.


As I heard more and more folks talking about this company, I got the same feeling from it that I had when a friend tried to get me on Herbalife about 10 years ago…thank goodness I knew better!

While I realize that people may be experiencing some benefits due to weight loss, energy, etc. you have to consider at what cost that is coming at.  And yes, it does give you the warm fuzzies to see that it is endorsed by Drew Brees, Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy and Jason Witten…four of the quintessential “good guys” in pro football, I think they’re even Christians so obviously, you can trust them, right?

But we all know that’s no reason to use something.  So, I started researching one…

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Arbonne Baby Care

babysetBefore I had my babe, I stocked up on every single different Johnson & Johnson baby wash, lotion, oil, you name it. I couldn’t wait for the sweet baby smell to fill my house. Then I saw this. Wait a second, hold up! Babies are testing positive for pot? There are chemicals in Johnson & Johnson and other baby washes that are causing babies in the nursery at hospitals to test positive. Have you seen the ‘No More Tears’ label on your bottles? Yep. These chemicals act as a numbing agent to keep your kiddo from having a meltdown when he/she gets soap in her eyes. I was also told by our pediatrician that Johnson & Johnson products used on children have been linked to cancer. The thought of my child having cancer makes me sick to the stomach so you can bet I will do anything to keep that from happening.

Arbonnes baby line (ABC) is a completely vegan, plant based line that is never tested on animals. All the chemicals are natural and organic. Nothing has touched Bode’s skin except these products and he hasn’t had so much as a blemish. He started getting diaper rash after we switched to formula and this diaper rash cream cured it almost instantly.

There are also some pretty cool, quirky uses for these products that have nothing to do with your kiddo. The diaper rash cream can be used for razor burn, chapped skin and faces, prevents chaffing, heals scratches and burns, stops the itching of mosquito bites, yeast infections, pimples, ring worm, and probably many more that are yet to be discovered!

Strawberry Cake Shake

This morning I was hurting for time and am running pretty low on groceries so my breakfast options were limited. Sometimes, I can create something out of nothing. Sometimes, I ruin my appetite for the rest of the day by doing so. Not this time! This protein shake seriously takes just like my grandma’s strawberry cake sans all the sugar, carbs, and everything else God created to make us happy.


Blend Together:
1 Scoop Vanilla Arbonne Protein Powder
1 Arbonne Pomegrante Fizz Stick
12 Ounces Water (more or less – whatever you want)
1 C. Strawberries
Ice – optional (I wanted mine to be thicker)

Healthy, fast, and detox approved!

Contact me about our next 28 Day Detox – beginning June 9th.