20 week ultrasound!

Half way, finally! Pregnancy is already getting a little saucy. Although I really am having an easy pregnancy considering all things, the discomfort is already setting in. The backache, ugh. The gigantic boobs, ugh. The boobs are honestly becoming a spectacle at this point, which is probably contributing to the back pain. My back hurt so bad with Bode though, he stood on his head on top of the tailbone for the last several weeks of my pregnancy so he was born with a massive blue and purple bruise on the top of his head. It was so sad! It went away after day or two.

Am I the only one out that that is super paranoid about everything with their second pregnancy? With Bode, I just felt like everything was fine all the time and nothing could go wrong. This time around, I worry about every single thing possible that could ever go wrong. I’m hoping my anxiety will go away and I’ll quit being a crazy person now that I can drink coffee again. I kicked the coca cola habit (for the most part) a few weeks ago so I’m especially happy that coffee doesn’t sound repulsive anymore.

Below are some of the best pictures we got from our ultrasound today. It just amazes me how baby looks at this stage when we know just how small they really are. Twelve ounces.. What! We obviously didn’t get one good facial picture because baby had his? her? hands in their face the entire time. Not finding out gender today was one of the hardest things ever. We both almost caved at different points. Definitely don’t have the mental strength capacity for this kind of thing. Laying there on the table, I told him if we have another, we WILL be finding out the gender. With all that being said, all of baby’s vital organs and spine are looking great and we are right on track with my original due date. Feeling blessed and excited are understatements.



Got to do some more fun baby shopping over the weekend in KC. Things are starting to come together and I’m loving it! Thankfully the room is small enough that I can’t over do it. Added bonus, there is a sliding glass down that walks into our bedroom so we are super pumped about how close the baby gets to be to us when we move him? her? to their crib. Lastly, I have bought way too many girl things (I’ve bought a couple boy too). See? No willpower. So if you are reading this and you are having a baby girl in July, I have some cute things you’ll want to see. nursery


18 weeks!

18 weeks today! Only 3 years left… That’s how it feels anyways. This pregnancy is moving at a snails pace. As you can see in the picture below, I’m a little larger at 18 weeks this time around than I was with Bode (18 weeks with Bode on the left, Baby No. 2 on the right). I’m also carrying higher this time too. Some days I feel like it’s a girl and some days I feel like it’s a boy. We have our 20 week ultrasound coming up and it is going to be SO HARD not finding out gender. Jesus help me and my insanely poor willpower. I was reading through my weekly posts with Bode and one thing is identical though: movement. This baby has started kicking really strong in the last couple days like Bode did at 18 weeks. Though I have felt lots of flutters and bubbles a lot earlier on this time (since I knew what I was looking for), they have came on a lot stronger in the past 72 hours. Yay!


Getting the nursery put together and I’m loving it! It’s obviously been easier because I am reusing our crib, dresser, and changing table so all the big expenses are out of the way. I originally planned on sticking with a grey scheme, but saw these little plants and loved them so on to plan b: nature scheme. I also saw this print on Pinterest a couple months ago and had to buy it! Perfect for our sweet little rainbow baby.

Hopefully I can stick to at least posting a weekly update about Baby Saiz. Jacob and lots of family members have been encouraging me to bring back the blog posts so we’ll see!

Weekend Roundup

Well, it’s been a week since my last post, but I told myself this morning I would get some of my thoughts down before the end of the day. Last week was just exhausting with getting my first week of bootcamp going and getting re-adjusted to getting up so early every single day. We packed up Saturday morning and took the boys to Branson with some of our friends and their kiddo’s.

BrothersJust taking these two to a hotel is, like, a huge deal! They are literally so entertained just by being in a hotel with a pool (even though we have a pool!) BabiesBabaies
Is there seriously anything cuter than these chubby babies? Bode and his cousin “Tolt” are definitely going to be water babies all summer long. I don’t know even know kind of trouble those two boys will be getting into in the next several years!

KoopGo-KartObviously you can’t go to Branson without stopping at a minimum of one Go-Kart track. (my favorite is the slick track, I don’t know if it’s even still there though!) Koop wants to be able to drive the big cars on the big tracks so bad.. He probably isn’t going to make the cut by the end of Branson-Season. He got to drive the bumper boats though so I think that made up for it a little bit!

BraidI’ve finally, FINALLY, after years of trying to braid my own hair have made the brain to finger connection. Kind of. I can do a pretty awesome braid on the left side of my head. Sorry to brag, but seriously you should’ve seen my skills a few years ago. I had none. I still cannot braid anywhere else besides on the left side of my head though, LOL! Cool. I’m practicing a ton though, so hopefully my brain and little fingers can make that connection soon too!

On a health & fitness related note. Bootcamp is going great in the mornings and I’m really excited to get more ladies to join us bright and early. (I added evening classes this week as well!) See Challenge below! I’ve been working out pretty hard the past few weeks and my nutrition has been much better than it was the majority of the winter. I’m not seeing the scale move like I’m wanting it to, so I have to keep reminding myself that this is a process. I am seeing visible changes so that should be what matters. Right? Right… I’m so pissed at myself for sabotaging myself and all the hard work I put in this time last year. Anyways!

8865388d8651bac95bd132d98ba1301fHead over to my Facebook page now to check out the Lululemon giveaway I am doing for the month of May. I am now offering a Facebook Live Group to host online workouts that will be available if you don’t live near, or our class time don’t work for you! Please comment or follow my Facebook page for more information on my Lululemon giveaway!

White Pants After Labor Day

This morning I thought…. “Do I dare wear white skinnies in mid-October and run the risk of being ridiculed by anyone with a fashion sense?” The answer was yes. I do marketing at car dealership filled with men so chances of someone giving me a hard time are slim to none. Anywho, it’s been a while since I put up a style related pregnancy post, so I figured why not. Honestly, I used to stick to my guns about not wearing white after Labor Day, but in my old age (22) I’m just like screw it, man. If you wear enough fall-ish colors, I think it evens it out. It looks like the weather isn’t getting above 70 at all this week, so it appears fall is here to stay. That means I get to wear these new MK boots everyday now! I’m not joking.


White Skinnies Here | Pink Blush Maternity Top Similar Here

Baby Bump – 17 Weeks!


I’m finally getting my engagement ring and wedding ring resized. Feels so weird not having it on!

How far along: 17 Weeks!
How big is baby: Baby boy Saiz is now the size of a large orange. One baby website compares a 17 week old fetus to a onion, which repulses me and reminds me of Shrek.. So we’ll go with large orange. He is now 5.1 inches long and 5.9 ounces. So crazy that it took 14 weeks for him to even get to an ounce and now he’s gaining an ounce basically every week.
Baby Development: BS umbilical cord is growing thicker and stronger now. Basically from here on out, he’s just plumping up and putting on fat that keeps him warm and makes him look more like a real human baby. Yay!
Maternity Clothes: Oh yeah. Stretchy maternity shirts and leggings are my best buddies.
Movement: None. Errrrrrg.
Exercise: I’ve done Pilates or some sort of aerobic exercise every day this week. I’m not going to jinx it.
Weeks Best Moment: Hearing BS heartbeat again at our appointment on Monday. It was varying from 148-151, so that low heart rate for boys bologna isn’t true for this little guy!
Weeks Worst Moment: You know when you want something with all your might and you just know there is absolutely no way in the world you can have it? That’s how I feel about wine. I need a glass of Cabernet in a bad, bad way.

My Amazing Bridal Shower!

Last night was my bridal shower hosted by 3 women who are very near and dear to my heart. I had so much fun (other than drinking ONLY water and apple cider). So many of my favorite people, friends, and family got to come and sadly so many of my college girls couldn’t make it, but it was still great and I am eternally thankful for everyone who is making our special days to great!


The AMAZING cakes done by Cupcakes by Liz

My beautiful Co-Maids of Honor!

My favorite person and big cousin in the world!

One of my great friends/roommates from college!

Thank you again so so much to everyone that came and everyone who was there in spirit, I love you all!

We’re Engaged!

We're Engaged!

So, baby daddy finally popped the question!! We’d been talking about engagement long before we found out the baby news, but it just turned out a little backwards for us. But that’s A-okay with us. Jacob didn’t tell me until Wednesday evening that we were “going on a mini vacation to the lake” the next day. So I went about my evening and packed to go to the lake (in the tiny suitcase he was making me cram all my stuff in — hello, there’s your sign!). We were up and headed “to the lake” Thursday morning and I found nothing out of the ordinary when Jacob kept making the wrong turn to get some food on the way. We ended up at the airport and Jacob was getting an ear full from me due to the amount of wrong turns he’d taken (which happens every time we go anywhere outside of the neighborhood). It wasn’t until he literally parked the car in the airport parking lot that I figured out we weren’t going to the lake after all. I had a feeling we were going to be going to Scottsdale because this is where we had already talking about having our wedding. Sure enough, Scottsdale it was! We landed, ate, checked into our AMAZING hotel The Royal Palms (it’s worth a Google), did some shopping since I didn’t bring any of the right clothes, and took a little nap before we went out for dinner. Before we headed out to eat at The Yardhouse, one of our favorite places no matter what state we’re in, Jacob talked me into walking around the resort to see all the beautiful sights all lit up by sidewalk lighting. It really was gorgeous. He was nervous. So nervous I just knew what was about to happen! He walked up to an outside garden that was closed off by a set of doors, he opened them up and led me in. It was amazing, the walkway was lined with little candles and flower petals that led to a few stairs with a table that had more candles and flowers. He was rambling a bunch of sweet nothings about how in love he was with me, how he had never met a more perfect woman, and some other things. I can’t remember, I was in tears. He got down on one knee and the rest is history!