Baby Bump — 38 weeks!


Due Date: January 22nd. 14 more days!!!!!!!
How Far Along: 38 Weeks
Baby Development/Movement: Welp, we’re still here. He’s warm and snug in there and I think I’ve came to terms with the fact that he probably isn’t going to make an early appearance. Now of course, I know anything is possible and we could progress at any time, but… I’m trying to quit psyching myself out for no reason. At my 38 week appointment yesterday, I had no more progress from last week. Still dilated to a 1 and 90% effaced. It’s disheartening, I’m so ready to not be pregnant anymore and I’m even more ready to meet our little baby boy. I’ve been 100% against being induced up until this point, but my doctor has offered to induce me at any point after my due date. The 100 pounds of bricks sitting on my back and sharp contractions I’m getting have convinced me to take an induction if I make it past my due date. To each their own, but I’m really disappointed in myself for giving in to induction. I am so mentally and physically exhausted at this point that we think it’s the best choice for our family at this point. My doctor and nurses have reassured me that once he meets his due date, it’s perfectly safe and fine so I hope we are making the right decision. Send up a prayer to whoever you pray to, or send us some positive vibes, that he will decide to come on his own though. In regards to his movements, I was getting a little worried yesterday because he wasn’t kicking and moving in the morning as much as he usually does. My doctor said he’s probably on his waking and sleeping cycles by now which is reassuring, but also makes me worry a little because he’s his most active at night while I’m (trying) to sleep. Oh boy. I picked up Baby Wise yesterday which has come highly recommended by many moms including my OB so hopefully we have luck getting Bode on some sort of schedule after a few weeks. His head is so low now that I feel like I’m doing very intense, daily inner thigh workouts. I can say without a doubt that I have not been doing that. Also, most his movements are accompanied by sending shooting extremely sharp pains either up my crotch or up my butt. So you can imagine I’m ready to evacuate this child from my body.
Diet & Exercise: The exercise is still almost non-existent with the exception of walking on our treadmill once or twice a week. My diet is pretty good for the most part though. I haven’t gained any weight in the past 2 weeks so that’s good since I about unraveled at the seams when I saw what I weighed 2 weeks ago. I’ve gained a total of 34 pounds. I’m going to try and only gain another 2-4 pounds. I can live with that. I GUESS.
Stretch Marks: Yeah, I’ve got a few on my left hip now. My body is ruined. Just kidding. (My body was ruined when I got those stupid ass tattoos on my back — which I’ve found a tattoo removal place in Joplin and will be getting them removed immediately once my body shrinks back to normal size. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to realize how much I hate them). It is pretty depressing though since I’ve tried so hard to avoid them. I just try to remind myself they will fade to flesh color after a while and it’s not the end of the world. Get over it.
Week’s Best: Getting to hear Bode’s “healthy and happy heartbeat” as my OB described it always makes me so happy. I get so worried about how he’s doing in there so it’s always very reassuring when we get to hear he’s still doing fine. I cannot wait to hold him!
Week’s Worst: The no new progress thing is kind of a knife in the heart.


Baby Bump — 37 Weeks!


How far along:
37 weeks and 2 days…. 20 days to go!!!
Baby Development/Movement: We had an ultrasound last Friday and he weighed in at a whopping 6 pounds 11 ounces. Holy Christ. He could still be in there for a few weeks, gaining weight rapidly! A half pound to a pound a week, so that’s scary. The following content may be considered too much information, just a heads up! I went to the doctor today and I’m 1 centimeter dilated and 90% effaced, but my cervix is still kind of firm. As soon as we can get that bad boy to soften up a little bit, I think baby boy will be here any day. My doctor said she thinks he will be here in the next week or two! Hopefully he makes it out in the next 7 days, or after the 19th, because my doctor is going to be out of town for 10 days. I about shit myself when she gave me that news. I know the nurses and the doctor who would deliver him if she’s gone will do a fine job, but… SONOFABITCH! Please say a quick prayer that he decides to come in the next few days or waits until the 19th! He’s still squirming around like crazy in there even with the lack of room. I’m trying to coax him out by bribing to buy him a new car or something.. Hopefully it works.
Week’s Best: Seeing his little face on the ultrasound last week was great (even though the regular 2d ultrasounds are almost impossible for me to distinguish). I’m starting to have stronger contractions, which don’t feel good, but are definitely a good sign of things to come. News that I’m progressing more and more every week is also exciting and hopefully things keep going this way.
Week’s Worst: Knowing my doctor could very possibly be gone when I go into labor is a huge downer…. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the best!
Pregnancy Struggles:
Back Pain: It only gets worse. Today during my exam she said his head is EXTREMELY low which is what’s causing me the back pain. I feel like my (gigantic) butt is a shelf and there is a 50 pound weight sitting on top of it. I feel like that’s a pretty good description of it. Also another awesome visual, his head being so low is also making the insides of my thighs and hips hurt equally as bad, which makes rolling out of bed extremely hard and painful. I feel like a beached whale trying to flop myself back into the ocean every time I get up to pee in the night (which is quite frequent).

Baby Bump – 36 Weeks!

36 Weeks and 2 days technically… But who’s counting?

How Far Along: 36 weeks! 27 days to go…
Baby Development/Movement: He’s just getting bigger and bigger at this point. His lungs and internal systems should all be fully development and he most likely wouldn’t need a NICU stay if he was born after this point. If I had him at the point of pregnancy that my mom had me, I’d be having a baby in a day or two. And not a little baby. I weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces and was 3.5 weeks early! Yikes. We have an ultrasound at my doctors appointment tomorrow so we will see just how much he weighs (give or take a pound – they say these growth scans aren’t spot on). I’m getting extremely scared that he is going to be very large and that I will have to have a c-section. I just personally really want to experience the labor and delivery process. He’s still moving and kicking like crazy. If his kicks are any indication of how his behavior is going to be…… Shit. At least once a day out of nowhere I will get a huge kick to my right love-handle area. I’m just so ready to see those little legs kicking in real life! The anxiety of not knowing when he is going to be here is exhausting.
Diet/Exercise: Well my diet has definitely gotten off course with Christmas this week. I’ve diverged from the path and had more sweets than I would like to admit… But that’s all over now. No more. Huge bummer.
Stretch Marks: I’ve had a few pop up on my left hip. It really is the saddest thing. I’ve tried so, so, so, so hard to keep from getting any. I know it’s really inevitable and partially genetics, but damn it. I was really praying I wouldn’t get any. Oh well I guess.
Week’s Best: Christmas was yesterday and we spent the last two days with our families so that’s definitely been the highlight of the week. We weren’t in need of anything so our cup does truly runneth over this Christmas. We have the best families.. I hate to brag, but they’re both awesome. So many people don’t get along with their in-laws, but I’ve hit gold with mine. Kooper stayed with us on Christmas Eve, so he got to open his presents from Santa at our house yesterday morning and that was awesome. I have him on video freaking out that Santa brought him TWO REMOTE CONTROL HELICOPTERS OH MY GOD! I am going to put up a bunch of pictures up from Christmas so I’ll save it. Baby Bode also go hooked up this Christmas.
Week’s Worst: My level of comfort literally drops by the hour. My poor back and tailbone are goners.
Pregnancy Struggles: Distinguishing between real contractions and Braxton Hicks contractions.
Braxton Hicks Contractions. Not really painful, just extremely uncomfortable. My whole belly gets hard as a rock and I feel like a 10 pound bag of sugar in a 5 pound sack. I came to this conclusion yesterday… These things are so uncomfortable. It feels like when you’re having a real fat day (week, month, whatever, I’m not judging) and your jeans are just too damn tight, but you still pour yourself into them anyways. Then you walk around all day wearing these jeans that are way too tight and way too uncomfortable. Anyone else know that feeling? Just me? Alrighty then…. Well, that’s what Braxton Hicks contractions feel like. Also, just a tease and annoying.
Real Contractions. Now I haven’t gone through labor or anything yet, but I’ve had a few different episodes of getting to experience the real thing. Now obviously when I say the real thing, these are extremely mild contractions compared to labor contractions (or so I would think). These feel like a combination of terrible PMS cramps and excruciating gas pains that make your stomach hard from top to bottom, side to side, and make your back hurt equally as bad. Now this is just my interpretation, I’m sure every woman who has given birth has a much different story of their experience. I’m giving everyone a forewarning now: I will share details after I give birth so you may want to watch yourselves if you get embarrassed easily. Because… I do not.

Baby Bump – 35 Weeks!

Went with the mirror selfie this week. Don’t judge me!

How Far Along: 35 weeks! (35 days….)
Baby Development/Movement: It’s hard to say at this point. The average baby is the size of a coconut, 4-6 pounds and 17-18 inches long. It’s hard to tell in pictures, but he’s definitely dropped. (THANK GOD). I can breathe again finally. Starting Monday evening I was having extremely bad lower back/tailbone pain that continued all through yesterday. I went in to see my doctor to make sure I wasn’t experiencing back labor and I wasn’t, thankfully. I’m not dilated at all yet, but I am 50% effaced so things are progressing. She said his head is right there in the birth canal and that’s what is putting so much pressure on my tailbone. I’ve been having a mixture of what I think are Braxton Hicks contractions and regular contractions. It’s so hard to tell the difference, I just think some are real because I drink so much water everyday and I can still feel them. He’s still moving around a lot and they said that him squirming around could break my water tomorrow or in 3 weeks. There’s no way to know. UGH! I’m praying this big boy decides in the next couple of weeks that he’s had enough and ready to have some breathing room. I know I am more than ready.
Diet & Exercise: …….. no comment.
Stretch Marks & Belly Button: I have ONE stretch mark. So depressing. By belly button is also sticking out as you can see in the picture.
Week’s Best: Even though I had to go in to see my doctor due to being in pain, it’s nice knowing how things are progressing down there. The guessing/waiting game is miserable! Plus, if he was to be born now he wouldn’t even have to go to the NICU most likely. Very comforting.
Week’s Worst: Nothing really to bitch and moan about this week! My husband would complain that I made him leave the bar early over the weekend, but hey… When you’re this pregnant, getting ready and even going anywhere is an accomplishment.
Pregnancy Struggles: Everything that happens from the moment I wake up to the time I lay down at night could be considered a struggle at this point! I feel like I need a fork lift to help roll me over in bed. That’s all I’ve got for today, time for me to waddle my big ass down the hall to the bathroom.

Baby Bump – 34 weeks!


Terrible cold at the end of my third trimester…. Yay

How far along: 34 weeks! 42 days to go!
Baby Development: Well, at my check up on Monday my doctor walked into the room and said “Wow! You’ve grown a lot.” Then when she measured me she was like oh yeah… You’re measuring 37 weeks. My mom and I just looked at each other like WHAAAT!? (My doctor was running late and Jacob had to leave before she got back unfortunately). She told me that I’ve been perfectly on track with everything up until this 34 week mark. It looks like baby Bode may be even bigger than we thought. Yikes. Supposedly, he is full term and ready, but since I’m only having Braxton Hicks contractions and not real contractions yet, my body doesn’t know he’s ready. We shall see if baby is going to be here early……. We have an ultrasound in 2 weeks to see just how big he is.
Stretch Marks/Belly Button: No stretch marks yet, but I’m not holding my breath about it anymore since my belly is growing at an exponential rate. My belly buttons popping out a little now too.
Week’s Best: Hearing news that there’s a possibility we get to meet our baby boy sooner than 42 days from now is the best possible news parents-to-be can receive. Especially since I’m far enough along that there shouldn’t be any extreme complications if he decided to come early.
Week’s Worst: Well the fact that I’m measuring so far ahead means baby is big and mom is extremely uncomfortable. There is so much pressure on my tailbone and lower back. Ugh. I also just caught a nasty cold so I’m home from work today laying on the couch feeling extra sorry for myself. I’m ready to be able to take some medicine again! Also, I did this entire post on my phone so if there are typos and such, please don’t crucify me.

A Complete Nursery

Baby Bode’s room is finally complete and ready for him to be here! I’d venture to say it’s overly ready for him…. It is hard to believe how much stuff such a brand new, tiny human actually needs. We love, love, love the nursery though. I could literally just sit in there, look around, and be happy. We just need a little nugget in there now. With the exception of some picture frames leaning against the changing table that will be filled with newborn pictures very soon, we don’t have anything else that needs to be done. I didn’t even include a picture of his closet because it’s a tad bit overwhelming. It’s completely full of clothes, diapers, wipes, books, oh my lord. He has more clothes than Jacob and I combined.


Baby Cache Heritage Crib

Monkey Rock n Play Sleeper

(I’ve heard these things are amazing from numerous moms. Hopefully Bode loves it too. Huge thanks to his aunts (my college roommates) for getting this for him!!!)

I wish I had a link for the little blue end tables. They were a bargain find at TJ Maxx one evening.


This picture is sending my OCD into overdrive. I should have moved those picture frames because it’s totally freaking me out. I’m sure this side of the room isĀ  going to be rearranged numerous times until I get it just the perfect way that doesn’t make me insane.

Delta Eclipse Changing Table

Diaper Dekor Plus (Thanks Aunt Samantha & Uncle Justin!)

Crane Drop Humidifier

I’m not sure the brand or where the glider came from. Jacob’s grandma bought that when Kooper was born. Now all of our babies get to be rocked in it! There is an ottoman that glides also that goes with it, but the room is so small we have it stored for now.

This ancient piece of history was my mom’s cradle. My sister and I both slept in it as newborns and my mom really wanted me to use it. The bottom was warped, so it got replaced and it also got a new paint job and now it’s as good as new! I actually really love it and the blue & gray bedding makes it adorable. It will be moved into our room shortly, we’re just trying to save it from any unnecessary slobber from Big Beau since he so rudely likes to come to my side of the bed and breathe in my face every morning.

Baby Bump – 33 Weeks!


How Far Along: 33 weeks! 49 days to go. Holy mother.
Baby Development/Movement: He’s the size of a durian fruit??? I don’t even know what that is. About 17 to 19 inches long and somewhere between 3-6 pounds. Scary. He is just about done growing in length, still may have a few inches to go, but is still packing on about a half a pound each week. Probably a few pounds last week from all the crap I consumed over Thanksgiving and the days to follow. Supposedly, he is now keeping his eyes open while he’s awake so that is pretty neat. His bones are hardening and he’s just about ready for life on the outside. He’s still moving like crazy and, as expected, he’s getting so big and putting so much pressure on my bladder. Yesterday evening I was running a few errands with my mom and went to dinner, I had to pee about every 15 minutes and I was drinking exactly zero ounces of water at that time. Ridiculous. When my bladder gets that full, I turn into a full blown waddler. It’s lovely. I have to walk by my sisters office every time I need to use the restroom and she just laughs at me. I’ll remember that.
Diet & Exercise: Shopping counts as exercise when you’re a tub of lard, so I’ve been getting a little bit of exercise lately as we are getting ready for Christmas and stuff. I went waaaaaaaay off track on my diet for Thanksgiving and the weekend after, but I’m back to normal now. Five small meals a day: protein in every meal, easy on the carbs. I am a FIEND for spicy food. The spicier, the better. Jalapenos on everything. Well, late pregnancy has decided it doesn’t want me to eat spicy food. It tears me up and that’s all I’ll say. I guess I better just ween myself off now since the rumor is that spicy food is a no-no while nursing anyways. Giving up my spicy Chipotle burrito bowls is just pure torture. We finally got one in Joplin, just in time for it my royally screw up my stomach.
Weeks Best: Well, being able to gorge myself and enjoy some awesome food for Thanksgiving was pretty great. But, being able to spend time with all of our family takes the cake for this weeks best moment. My dad’s family lives here, but my mom’s side of the family all lives over 3 hours away in central Oklahoma so we only get to see them for holidays and other special occasions. We got to spend lots of time with them and Jacob’s family so we were happy campers. Bummer for me though because there were all kinds of yummy beverages that I couldn’t enjoy with everyone else. I’ll make up for missing out next Thanksgiving.
Weeks Worst: Jacob had to leave Monday morning to fly to Atlanta for work all week so that has sucked. I hate, hate, HATE being home alone, but at least I have big Beau to keep me company. My mom also came and hung out with me yesterday and took me to dinner so that was fun. I’m ready for him to be home though.
Pregnancy Struggles: Every week proves to be more daunting than the last.
Eating. Forget about eating that second serving of your favorite side dish on Thanksgiving or you will turn into a miserable, bloated, beached whale. That’s what happened to me anyways. Two Thanksgiving lunches a couple hours apart SCREWED. ME. OVER! I have no willpower. I can’t help it. I am here to say…. THE SECOND PLATE IS NOT WORTH IT!
Back pain. This is a given in pregnancy. But I’ve had a bad back forever (thanks mom for the great genes), so I’ve always just dealt with it. In the last month or so, it’s gotten so much worse though. Go to the chiropractor!!!!!! That’s my advice. Obviously, make sure he/she knows you’re pregnant if you’re not showing, but it makes a world of difference. I’ve been going weekly (have an appointment this evening, Hallelujah Jesus!) and it seems to really be helping. Don’t get me wrong, the pain is still there. It’s just minimized immensely and every bit helps when you’re a hugh heifer hoofin’ around all day.

Baby Bump – 28 Weeks!


Age: 22

How Far Along: 28 Weeks. Third Trimester… Wooooooooo

Sex of baby: Boy! Bode Hudson Saiz (Pronounced Bow-dee Size) Poor kid is going to have the hardest time with people mispronouncing his name.

Baby Development/Movement: Bode is the size of an eggplant. I always thought eggplants were such a weird thing.. Are they a vegetable? I’m not even sure. Weird. Anyways, Bode Hudson is about 14 inches long and somewhere around 2 pounds. I feel like he’s the weight of an average bowling ball already. He is opening and closing his eyes and can sense light, hopefully when we have our ultrasound in a couple weeks he will open his eyes for us! He is still moving constantly. I had my 28 week appointment and glucose screening on Monday and we asked her how much room he had to move around. She said that he still has room to do somersaults, but it would be kind of like putting us in a box that holds a washing machine. Creepy. I think he’s already getting pretty cramped though because I’m feeling less and less kick and more full body movement. It is the strangest feeling. He was head down at the appointment and my OB was feeling around and could tell where his feet, legs, butt, etc. were and my mom and Jacob got a little feel. It’s so crazy that she can tell exactly where what is. Once again, I feel like he’s going to be so stubborn. Anytime anyone besides Jacob or I tries to feel him kicking, he just stops. I asked my OB how she could tell he was moving around with the doppler and she said it sounded like a washing machine, sure enough he just stopped moving when we listened to his heartbeat, but we did hear a few kicks. It’s absolutely amazing.

Diet & Exercise: Same ole same. We did finally get the treadmill to our house though, so hopefully I can talk myself into going for a short walk most nights. No promises. I think my belly has honestly quit growing so fast because I’ve starting watching my diet a lot more the past month or so. I’m just getting terrified I’m going to have a monster baby.

Belly Button: Almost completely flat. My OB said I can’t get my mole removed because there is too much blood flow right now, and she made a deal with me that after delivery if it could still be seen we’d remove it. You can’t see it when I’m not pregnant. Dang it!

Stretch Marks: None. Knock on wood.

Weeks Best: Hearing his heartbeat is always the highlight. I love feeling him moving around constantly instead of just feeling jabs. My whole belly is rolling around and it’s so amazing. Getting his nursery completely painted was a huge load off too and we absolutely love it. Just a few final touch ups and it will be good to go too!

The Nursery!

We have a complete nursery! Completely painted anyways. I still have to decide on fabric to reupholster the glider and for the curtains, pick out a rug, then I think we will be all done, finally! My fantastic mom and a great friend of hers painted the whole thing for me. I am not crafty so I jump when someone offers to paint. A couple weeks ago my mom painted the room a light gray, which we were skeptical about because it looked like a very faint baby blue. Still kind of does.

Stripes – Step 1. Decide how wide you want the widest part of your stripe to be, and make marks every foot or two around the entire room. Use a level to connect the marks around the entire room and then tape off. If you paint a small amount of the original color on top of the tape and onto to wall (gray), you will then be able to paint inside the two tape lines with the second color (white) without the white paint leaking through the tape. They say the paint is supposed to be leak free, but they’re full of shit.

Stripes – Step 2. Paint the entirety of the room with color number two (white) and let set for 24 hours before you rip the tape off to make sure it’s completely dry.

And we have a perfect white stripe!

Stripes – Step 3. You repeat the same process you did for the white stripe. Measure, mark, level, tape, paint (with white) on top of the paint, then use the third color (blue). It’s actually a lot easier than it sounds. I thought this whole thing was going to be a nightmare. I guess it wasn’t for me because I just got to sit and watch.

Last step: I just went online and googled “wooden letters” and ended up finding a font that I liked here. I’m pretty sure the ones I ordered were 1/4 inch think. They were light even weight that we just used 3M tape on the backside. Jacob the master spray painter painted the letters. We just laid out a giant piece of card board, set the letters on top of upside down solo cups, and sprayed. Make sure you’re a good foot away or so and don’t start spraying directly onto the letter. Start a little to the left or right and go over the letter.

Voila!!! The most precious nursery I’ve ever seen. We love it.

Baby Cache Heritage Crib | Harper Nursery Bedding Set

Baby Bump – 27 Weeks!

20131023-073659.jpgOne more week and I’ll be in my third trimester! Almost to the homestretch!

Age: 22
How Far Along: 27 weeks! 13 weeks to go…. 91 days to be exact. Not that I’m counting.
Baby Development & Movement: By now, Bode is around 2 pounds and 13 to 15 inches long. I’m so ready for an ultrasound so we can see just exactly how big he is! They say this is the earliest a premature baby could survive outside the womb, so that is extremely reassuring if he decided to come way too early. This is because his brainstem is almost fully developed which controls pretty much every major function for a human to exist; heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, all the other sensory areas of your brain that allow you to function daily (go me for knowing what and where the brainstem and cerebral cortex are — psychology minor, you weren’t a complete waste of space in my brain). His appendages are all stretching and grasping stronger by the day, which is why it feels like he’s gone all Elton John and is slamming on a piano in my gut. Supposedly, he is sleeping at regular intervals too. Which is, um, never.
Diet & Exercise: See week 10-26. I just cannot get my ass in gear when it comes to working out. I’m just trying to convince myself it’s because I actually like a hard workout so walking on the treadmill bores me to tears. Yeah… that’s the reason I’m not working out. I did take Beau on a walk around the neighborhood yesterday so that counts for something. I’m still eating well though, so get off my back.
Belly Button: It’s still barely an inny.
Weeks Best: The nursery is coming along slowly, but surely. We got it painted, now we just have to finish with the details. Pictures will up of that project as soon as it’s over. I’m so excited, I’m praying it turns out the way I want it to.
Weeks Worst: I don’t know if it’s pregnancy or just the weather shifting to cold, but I’ve felt kind of crumby all week. Really after I eat lunch, which is never big, I come back to work and feel like crap. Just kind of sickly and lightheaded, but it usually passes after an hour or so. Also, I know I’ve commented on how our dog, Beau, is going to be harder than the baby. I am believing this more and more everyday. He’s around 14 months old now and he is continually becoming more high maintenance. He wakes me up in the middle of every night and I can usually tell him to get back in his bed and he will. Not last night though. Last night, he woke me up every hour starting at the midnight hour. He got back in bed each time until about 4:15. He just stood on my side of the bed with his big, wet, annoying face right in my face for like 20 minutes. A window in our room was open so my sister could probably hear us screaming at him from the other end of the street. I finally just got up and let him out and I was so pissed about it. Filthy animals. End of rant.