Weekend Roundup

How do we leave work on Friday’s, blink our eyes, and it’s Monday and we are back in our offices. Sucks. I am always torn between wanting to go-go-go on the weekend, or wanting to just stay home and hang out with the boys and relax. Except, there’s never much relaxing going on between inevitable housework, cleaning up the train of chaos that Bode leaves in his wake, and anything in between. Anywho, we stayed the weekend in Kansas City with my best friend and her husband. I went up Friday after work to have a girls night/girls morning with Mattie, and Jacob and Bode came up early the next afternoon. I think they enjoyed having a guys night…

Luckily for me, my friend Mattie is a master chef. I consider myself her sous chef, anything that I am able to make, she probably makes it taste and look better. I’m fine with that because the outcome is amazing food. Last summer, our moms and us went to San Antonio to visit Texas wine country. Our hotel had a restaurant on the bottom floor that looked out over the boardwalk, super cool. We had breakfast there a couple of times, and one of the items on the menu was Migas. If you don’t know what this amazing, delicious, Mexican breakfast is.. Click here to read The Pioneer Woman’s article and recipe for Migas. This is Mattie’s favorite recipe so that mean it’s the sh*t. I felt so spoiled getting breakfast made for me!


Shortly later in the afternoon, Bode & Jacob got to town and hung out with Mattie’s husband Derek. We made a quick trip to the plaza because I desperately needed a new Royals shirt and I wanted to stop in Anthropologie to add to my kitchen collection. Ended up getting walking out with Tenpenny Ale shirt that I love, not Royals themed at all but oh well. I need to go back to Charlie Hustle and buy all the shirts.  The bargain of the day was getting 5 small bowls and a monogram coffee mug from Anthro for $31. Talk about scoring. Will post a picture later in this post!


13090158_10207384130019906_469965767_n13082116_10207384130459917_235332419_n13077386_10207384129619896_280037251_n13081676_10207384129019881_1564611636_n13089936_10207384128619871_1077215555_nWent a little overboard on the pictures of Bode at the game, but sorry not sorry. He’s so cute I can’t help myself! He had an absolute blast, we were there for 8 innings and he was an angel basically the whole game. We stuffed his face with popcorn, dippin’ dots, and whatever else we got.. He was happy as a clam. He knows all about “ball” and loves to play with Jacob and his big brother. The dude is only 2 and he’s already been to a few MLB games, not even counting the ones where he was in my belly. Which reminds me of the time Jacob and I went to the Dodgers/Cardinals game in STL when I was quite pregnant… We (Dodgers) lost and I ended up getting into an argument with a child who was taunting us. Not a finer moment, but we take our sports seriously and I’m not to be messed with when I’m pregnant and just sat through several hours of baseball, consuming no cold beer. That’s all completely off topic.


So back to the part about my Anthropologie steals! Five bowls and a mug for $31 is such a steal. I should’ve got more, dang it. I’m so obsessed with their dinnerware and coffee mugs, ob-freaking-sessed. But, it’s pricey so I always hit up the sales when I’m near a store. I also got a great bargain recently, my neighbor was selling this amazing Pier 1 dinner set so I scooped that up as fast as I could. Yesterday afternoon seemed like a good time to get all of my spring plates and bowl moved to the front of the cabinet!


I tried to keep my diet pretty clean the rest of the day yesterday once we got home. I had plenty of unearned carbs over the weekend. I feel guilty about that.. I try not to feel guilty about eating the food that I love because we are all allowed room for error in our diets AND should be able to enjoy our food. Just have to make up for it by buckling down this week. So, lots of veggies it was. I’m obsessed with Vidalia Onion dressing right now. One serving is 2T. and I believe there are 6g of carbs and 0 grams of fat. I used just 1T. over my veggies for a little extra flavor and this little meal was amazing! You can this stuff at probably any grocery store, I find it at Wal-Mart. *This brand of dressing tends to be low in carbs and fat which is perfect! I highly suggest trying it, I have several flavors and I haven’t found one I didn’t like.* I realize no food or condiment is going to have the perfect macro nutrient lay-out and there’s always going to be less-than-ideal ingredients in anything that tastes good, moderation is key. I have to allow myself things that taste good whether it’s sweet or savory, or I will end up ruining days worth of eating well and balanced.

FF_vidalia onion

All-in-all, it was a great weekend. So many things to enjoy this time of the year. The weather, the baseball, the cold beer. We have kind of got ourselves into a bad habit of not bringing the boys with us on outing with friends without kiddie’s, but Bode did so well this weekend and proved us wrong! He can follow rules sometimes 🙂 He had a pretty big weekend, he was over it by 7:45 last night.


Boot-camp girls! This section is for you. I’m feeling so excited about class and all of the questions and interest I’ve been receiving that I’ve decided to do the first giveaway! The ONE & ONLY way to participate in this giveaway is to challenge yourself to get to class at least 3 days a week, for the entire month of May. That’s do-able! Total, that’s only 1 hour and 30 minutes of working out for the entire week. You got that! What’s the prize, you ask? $50 gift card to Lululemon! 757392ed2353301d928b43bc75c36ac5

Recap: You get up and come to 3 early AM classes a week (PM classes coming soon) for the whole month of May, and you’re entered to win. Lululemon is my very favorite brand of workout apparel so I am a little bit excited about this. I was going to wait, but I thought, what the heck! Use this giveaway to challenge and motivate yourself. That 5am alarm is early, but the results are totally worth it!


Buffalo Plaid

Dressing this baby up is seriously the funniest thing. I’m telling you, boys are just as fun to dress as girls. Sure, he probably hates it, but we get a kick out of how freaking cute he looks. I know for a fact he hates wearing shoes because the nanosecond I get them tied, he’s kicking them off. With the brisk 21 degrees it is here this morning, he doesn’t have an option. He’s wearing the damn shoes! Mean, mean mommy.

I’m also obsessing with buffalo plaid right now. He actually has a buffalo plaid onesie on under that fleece. I wish Kooper would have been with us this morning because I got him the exact same fleece jacket.





Pick these up to accent you and your kiddo’s buffalo plaid wardrobe! 🙂


It’s 7:10 in the morning and I am already refereeing these two. Bode is only 10 months old, I can only imagine when he’s a toddler or little boy, the chaos that’s going to ensue. I can’t help but laugh, though. They both looked so freaking cute this morning and I so badly wanted to get a good picture of the two of them. Well, below you will see the outcome. Out of probably, oh, 20+ pictures, these were the best ones I got. Most of them were so blurry you couldn’t even tell what was going on. Kooper really is good as keeping Bode laughing and distracted while I get everything ready to get out the door in a somewhat timely manner. Every few minutes though I will hear a, “Bailie!! Bailie, HELP!”, as Bode is pulling Kooper’s hair or he’s about to topple over somehow. We are still working on getting those baby deer legs stabilized.


{i was trying so hard to get a picture of this outfit because it’s so freaking adorable, but this was the best I could do}

{sleepy, sleepy eyes}





10 Months!

How in the world is my newborn baby 10 months old today? I cannot believe he will be 1 in two months… It just doesn’t seem possible! Where does the time go? This little ball of orneriness obviously did not want his picture taken this morning. I actually had to wake him up just before 7 so we could leave so he was still half asleep. He normally is up before 6:30 ready to play. I feel like he is more of a toddler than an actual baby now, he’s SO close to walking by himself and eats pretty much anything we eat. Last night he ate a huge bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy. I am having a hard time realizing he isn’t so much of a baby anymore, I will definitely be the mom crying at his first birthday party.


{uh mom, let’s go back to sleep}



Target Red

Yesterday morning, we started the day of with this dude hanging out in his diaper and socks like a real man. It was killing me. He was just straight chillin’ in my bed drinking his bottle. We also had the most AMAZING Christmas pictures taken yesterday with Bishop’s. Their setup and Santa Claus were great! Bode wasn’t sure what to think of Santa, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of him. It was precious. Unfortunately, these pictures are only offered on one day and it’s not big brothers weekend at our house. But, now I have an excuse to get more pictures taken of them!


{pin this look }

IMG_7605.JPG IMG_7620.PNG

{pin this idea }



{after pictures, we did a little target shopping. we got lots of comments on his hat!}

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Plaid & Camo

This is how my morning starts, everyday. Once Bode wakes up, I have two shadows the rest of the morning. I can’t really complain though, they’re both pretty dang cute. It’s somewhat of a task to get a 9 month old dressed (that has decided he hates getting diaper changes/clothes changed) with a 130 pound Great Dane attached to your body. Silly boys.


{our newest food endeavor that we LOVE! Oatmeal with cinnamon.}

{lunch hour chillin’ with momma}


{this kid loves being outside, even as it starts getting cold.}


I’m back! After a much too long leave of absence, I have returned to my blog! I’ve accidentally neglected writing for a few (four) months, but I’m here to stay this time! We’ve had a busy few months with vacations, birthdays, halloween, and more holidays to come. It’s my favorite time of the year! It’s starting to get cold, sweaters and boots weather here in Kansas/Missouri. I say Kansas/Missouri because although I have a MO address, I’m a Jayhawk and I refuse to assimilate as a Missourian. After all, basketball season did start yesterday…..

A little update on Bode (Bow-dee for those of you who aren’t sure how to pronounce it). He is just shy of 10 months and he started taking his first steps over the weekend. He spent the weekend with Nana and Papa while we were in Dallas and they get him good and ready to walk! The kid eats like he’s never had food before. We are still doing formula, baby food 3 times a day, and introducing a slew of actual food too. It is a hot mess in our house at dinner time.

[having some green beans last night]

1487256_10203774007529100_8066369506894383043_n[had to come visit momma, aunt kenz, and poppy at work]



Beanie {similar}

Boy Genius {12 mos}

Gumsole Vans {toddler 4}



Arbonne Baby Care

babysetBefore I had my babe, I stocked up on every single different Johnson & Johnson baby wash, lotion, oil, you name it. I couldn’t wait for the sweet baby smell to fill my house. Then I saw this. Wait a second, hold up! Babies are testing positive for pot? There are chemicals in Johnson & Johnson and other baby washes that are causing babies in the nursery at hospitals to test positive. Have you seen the ‘No More Tears’ label on your bottles? Yep. These chemicals act as a numbing agent to keep your kiddo from having a meltdown when he/she gets soap in her eyes. I was also told by our pediatrician that Johnson & Johnson products used on children have been linked to cancer. The thought of my child having cancer makes me sick to the stomach so you can bet I will do anything to keep that from happening.

Arbonnes baby line (ABC) is a completely vegan, plant based line that is never tested on animals. All the chemicals are natural and organic. Nothing has touched Bode’s skin except these products and he hasn’t had so much as a blemish. He started getting diaper rash after we switched to formula and this diaper rash cream cured it almost instantly.

There are also some pretty cool, quirky uses for these products that have nothing to do with your kiddo. The diaper rash cream can be used for razor burn, chapped skin and faces, prevents chaffing, heals scratches and burns, stops the itching of mosquito bites, yeast infections, pimples, ring worm, and probably many more that are yet to be discovered!

Bode is 3 months!


My little man isn’t a newborn anymore! OMG! Bode was 3 months old almost 2 weeks ago, I have been realllllly off my blogging game lately. Life has gotten in the way. However, our lives couldn’t be any happier thanks to our little bundle of happiness. Seriously. Maybe I haven’t been around too many babies, but he is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. Now I’m not saying he doesn’t have his moments or fussy days, but he is so smiley all the time! Talk about melting a momma’s heart.

Unfortunately, I had to stop nursing around 2.5 months or so. We started supplementing with this formula at about 2 months because he was just inconsolable between feedings. Of course, nearly everything you read online or hear from a lactation consultant about increasing your milk supply says nurse baby when baby is hungry. Well, how is a working mom supposed to nurse their baby every 1.5-2 hours when he decides he’s hungry? So we started supplementing every other feeding. It got to the point where I was only pumping about 2 ounces every 2-3 hours and this just couldn’t cut it for our growing boy. It was taking me 2 and 3 pumping sessions during the day to make enough to feed him once. It was stressing me out which I’m sure played a role in my milk supply. When I did stop nursing altogether at 2.5ish months, I had a big enough stockpile in the freezer that we ran out actually just yesterday. It took a few days or weeks to quit beating myself up and telling myself that I’m not a bad mom for only giving my baby breast milk for only 3 months. He is MUCH happier being fed around 6 ounces every feeding now and he loves this formula and it agrees with his belly really well. He is also sleeping through the night! Can I get a HALLELUJAH!

Bode got a bit of a cold right around his 3 month mark, coughing and sneezing a lot, and being the paranoid psycho that I am, I sat on the floor watching him breathe for hours one night. I took him to see his pediatrician the next day and it was nothing major. Just a cold! We were just putting baby vicks on his chest and little feet at night and putting saline drops in his nose and sucking it back out. Like seriously, he screams, SCREAMS BLOODY MURDER, harder when he gets his nose sucked out than he did after getting his shots. Which, by the way, was much harder for me and my mom than it was for Bode. He screamed for about 10 seconds and then literally was just fine. Me, on the other hand, not so much. I have to muster myself back up though, we have another round of shots in less than a month. Shiiiiiiiiiiit.

Other than shots and a cold, things are going great! I will stand by my comment that my Great Dane is more high maintenance than my infant. We have really lucked out with this little guy, not only is he extremely handsome, but he’s so easy! Also, I’m going to make an effort to get back to blogging more regularly. I miss it!







Bode Starts Daycare!


No, none of these pictures are from Bode’s first day at daycare. I may have one at the end of the day, but I was too busy trying to keep myself from crying this morning that I didn’t get a picture. The one morning I’m actually running on time too and I didn’t have the camera in his face. But, these were all taken over the weekend. My big 10 week old baby boy! I can’t believe he is already two and a half months old and starting daycare. We put him in a small in-home daycare with a lady that came highly recommended by some close friends of my family so I know he’s in great hands…. but, Jesus H. Christ this momma has had a rough morning. I’ve cried off basically all of my makeup at this point. I look like a hot mess. Bode is the only baby so I know he’s going to get lots of good attention. I really can’t think of a time when my heart has broken like it did when I dropped him off and walked out the door. Good god, now I’m crying again.

Top Right/Bottom Left: We L-O-V-E morning time! It’s our happiest time of the day. He just smiles and smiles and giggles and coo’s at us. It’s the cutest damn thing I ever did see.
Top Left: Yesterday morning. We were having our Sunday morning cuddles in bed when Daddy was getting ready to hand him over to me and he had an explosion out the side of the diaper, onto our sheets and on Daddy. Whoopsies.
Bottom Right: When Bode was a brand new newborn, we could use regular swaddles to wrap him up because I could get him wrapped pretty tight without him wiggling his arms out. Now even our bigger receiving blankets are too small so these swaddles work perfect. He’s just a perfect little peanut with a perfect round head! (He absolutely has to be swaddled to sleep or he startles himself every 5 minutes and wakes up screaming).

Also, this baby loves to be naked!! Takes after his mom I guess. My mom couldn’t keep clothes on me when I was a kid.