20 week ultrasound!

Half way, finally! Pregnancy is already getting a little saucy. Although I really am having an easy pregnancy considering all things, the discomfort is already setting in. The backache, ugh. The gigantic boobs, ugh. The boobs are honestly becoming a spectacle at this point, which is probably contributing to the back pain. My back hurt so bad with Bode though, he stood on his head on top of the tailbone for the last several weeks of my pregnancy so he was born with a massive blue and purple bruise on the top of his head. It was so sad! It went away after day or two.

Am I the only one out that that is super paranoid about everything with their second pregnancy? With Bode, I just felt like everything was fine all the time and nothing could go wrong. This time around, I worry about every single thing possible that could ever go wrong. I’m hoping my anxiety will go away and I’ll quit being a crazy person now that I can drink coffee again. I kicked the coca cola habit (for the most part) a few weeks ago so I’m especially happy that coffee doesn’t sound repulsive anymore.

Below are some of the best pictures we got from our ultrasound today. It just amazes me how baby looks at this stage when we know just how small they really are. Twelve ounces.. What! We obviously didn’t get one good facial picture because baby had his? her? hands in their face the entire time. Not finding out gender today was one of the hardest things ever. We both almost caved at different points. Definitely don’t have the mental strength capacity for this kind of thing. Laying there on the table, I told him if we have another, we WILL be finding out the gender. With all that being said, all of baby’s vital organs and spine are looking great and we are right on track with my original due date. Feeling blessed and excited are understatements.



Got to do some more fun baby shopping over the weekend in KC. Things are starting to come together and I’m loving it! Thankfully the room is small enough that I can’t over do it. Added bonus, there is a sliding glass down that walks into our bedroom so we are super pumped about how close the baby gets to be to us when we move him? her? to their crib. Lastly, I have bought way too many girl things (I’ve bought a couple boy too). See? No willpower. So if you are reading this and you are having a baby girl in July, I have some cute things you’ll want to see. nursery


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