18 weeks!

18 weeks today! Only 3 years left… That’s how it feels anyways. This pregnancy is moving at a snails pace. As you can see in the picture below, I’m a little larger at 18 weeks this time around than I was with Bode (18 weeks with Bode on the left, Baby No. 2 on the right). I’m also carrying higher this time too. Some days I feel like it’s a girl and some days I feel like it’s a boy. We have our 20 week ultrasound coming up and it is going to be SO HARD not finding out gender. Jesus help me and my insanely poor willpower. I was reading through my weekly posts with Bode and one thing is identical though: movement. This baby has started kicking really strong in the last couple days like Bode did at 18 weeks. Though I have felt lots of flutters and bubbles a lot earlier on this time (since I knew what I was looking for), they have came on a lot stronger in the past 72 hours. Yay!


Getting the nursery put together and I’m loving it! It’s obviously been easier because I am reusing our crib, dresser, and changing table so all the big expenses are out of the way. I originally planned on sticking with a grey scheme, but saw these little plants and loved them so on to plan b: nature scheme. I also saw this print on Pinterest a couple months ago and had to buy it! Perfect for our sweet little rainbow baby.

Hopefully I can stick to at least posting a weekly update about Baby Saiz. Jacob and lots of family members have been encouraging me to bring back the blog posts so we’ll see!


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