Weekend Roundup

Well, it’s been a week since my last post, but I told myself this morning I would get some of my thoughts down before the end of the day. Last week was just exhausting with getting my first week of bootcamp going and getting re-adjusted to getting up so early every single day. We packed up Saturday morning and took the boys to Branson with some of our friends and their kiddo’s.

BrothersJust taking these two to a hotel is, like, a huge deal! They are literally so entertained just by being in a hotel with a pool (even though we have a pool!) BabiesBabaies
Is there seriously anything cuter than these chubby babies? Bode and his cousin “Tolt” are definitely going to be water babies all summer long. I don’t know even know kind of trouble those two boys will be getting into in the next several years!

KoopGo-KartObviously you can’t go to Branson without stopping at a minimum of one Go-Kart track. (my favorite is the slick track, I don’t know if it’s even still there though!) Koop wants to be able to drive the big cars on the big tracks so bad.. He probably isn’t going to make the cut by the end of Branson-Season. He got to drive the bumper boats though so I think that made up for it a little bit!

BraidI’ve finally, FINALLY, after years of trying to braid my own hair have made the brain to finger connection. Kind of. I can do a pretty awesome braid on the left side of my head. Sorry to brag, but seriously you should’ve seen my skills a few years ago. I had none. I still cannot braid anywhere else besides on the left side of my head though, LOL! Cool. I’m practicing a ton though, so hopefully my brain and little fingers can make that connection soon too!

On a health & fitness related note. Bootcamp is going great in the mornings and I’m really excited to get more ladies to join us bright and early. (I added evening classes this week as well!) See Challenge below! I’ve been working out pretty hard the past few weeks and my nutrition has been much better than it was the majority of the winter. I’m not seeing the scale move like I’m wanting it to, so I have to keep reminding myself that this is a process. I am seeing visible changes so that should be what matters. Right? Right… I’m so pissed at myself for sabotaging myself and all the hard work I put in this time last year. Anyways!

8865388d8651bac95bd132d98ba1301fHead over to my Facebook page now to check out the Lululemon giveaway I am doing for the month of May. I am now offering a Facebook Live Group to host online workouts that will be available if you don’t live near, or our class time don’t work for you! Please comment or follow my Facebook page for more information on my Lululemon giveaway!


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