Fuel Your Friday

Happy Fri-Yay! This sunshine filled Friday afternoon has me in the best mood. Or perhaps it’s from the two workout’s I’ve already done today. Remember, Elle from Legally Blonde told us that exercise makes us happy. (Just one more reason why we should all be moving our bodies).

EndorphinsSo Friday’s are really important to me to kick my weekend off with the right foot forward. Early morning and/or lunch workouts are crucial for me. If I get that workout in on a Friday, I feel like I’ve earned the multiple cold beers and/or glasses of wine I will be consuming that night. Of course I drink during the week too (not every night, smart asses), just not as excessively as I would on a Friday or Saturday. Friday’s are the main ingredient to a perfect weekend. When I get home, I get the spend the entire night with my boys doing whatever we want to do until as late as we want to do it. No bed times. No rules. Well there are rules, but Bode doesn’t follow them and we only have Koop (the rule-follower) every other weekend.

Weekends allow me the extra time in the kitchen to make the meals me and my guys love. Sure, I have the time to make their favorites on a week night too, but it’s just not the same. It’s rushed, it’s sloppy, there’s chicken juice all over the place, chances of something being burnt are higher, I don’t have the company of dirty little hands getting into my clean food. I’m off on a tangent. Friday’s and the two days following are when I’m able to regroup and remind myself why I’m working out, eating healthy, and exhausting myself when I have so many other things I could or would like to be doing. My point is this: Friday counts, and you don’t want to sabotage the hard work you’ve been putting in all week on the first day of your weekend. No, no. If I’m blowing the lid off my diet this weekend, it’s going to be on some of the best Mexican food KC has to offer. But, I’m going to earn it and that’s by eating right, every other meal of the day. And sweating my booty off, of course.

Here’s how my Friday is shaping up:

4:45a wake up – drink some water, hydrate.

5:15a instruct bootcamp (post coming soon!)

6:00a protein shake + small green apple

7:15a scrambled eggs con salsa + 1/2 C. grapes + coconut oil coffee  (1 whole egg, 2 egg whites scrambled, topped with fresh salsa) Eggsconsalsa

9:45 finally got hungry again so I had a serving of raw almonds. these are one of my favorite snacks. so much variety. always refer to the nutritional information on whatever kind you chose. You don’t want anything high in carbs, like under 10 grams at the most.


**I never got hungry again before my second workout at lunch. Had I felt hungry, I would have eaten something like a protein bar. Again, pay attention to the label on the back. If you don’t religiously do this, you need to start!**

12:15p HIIT workout (cardio + light weights)

1p protein shake

130p Quinoa Crisp & Tuna Salad (dressing is 1g of carbs per 2T and the quinoa crisps are 6g of carbs per 2T. i will take that! The last ingredient, pinto beans, were what I had left over, which add extra protein and a bit of carbs). This is the perfect post workout meal because you are replenishing all that energy you just burned with quick burning carbs.


So that’s what I’ve got for the day. I honestly probably won’t get hungry again until it’s time for dinner. If I do, I will probably have 1/4 to 1/2 of an avocado. Mix in your favorite seasonings and it’s perfect. If it’s weird for you to eat avocado with a spoon, mash it up and dip veggies in it.

We are having burgers tonight. Since I’m done working out for the day, I tapered my carbs after my last workout and will only consume carbs from veggies the rest of the day/evening. To make a hearty burger that will fill you up without being packed full of carbs, you have so many options.

My favorite low carb burger: cabbage bun (lettuce works too, but cabbage is a bit more durable to hold your ingredients in), place burger on top of cabbage, layer of spinach, layer of raw purple onion, a big ole spoonful of spicy guacamole, and top with another piece of cabbage.

-I forgot to strongly urge you to consume a large amount of water each day. As much as you can. There is a solid chance you aren’t going to overdo it with the water, and the benefits are endless. Starting with combating hunger and flushing our bodies of crap, resulting in less bloating and amazing skin.

Want more options for low carb burgers? Have questions about reading nutritional labels? Let me know!!!


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