A Very Merry Christmas

1535427_10204653061359176_7357586276652459972_nIt was a very Merry Christmas for my family this year! Unfortunately, it wasn’t our holiday with big bro so it was just the three of us this year. Santa did come and visit Koop a little early though, so he was stoked about that. As you can see from the picture above, Jacob and I are always the inappropriate ones of the bunch. He has stated that he is no longer taking “boring, side by side, lame pictures” with my anymore. So this was the result, yay me. Wouldn’t trade him for the world, maybe for a lot of chocolate and a few bottles of Cabernet though.


Speaking of Cabernet, my parents are the best. They got me a full supply of vino from V. Sattui Winery in Napa Valley. It is seriously my favorite. {Next to Fisher Vineyards, which Dad let us drink a bottle of to celebrate}. I think they just got me my own wine so I would quit “borrowing” theirs. They’re the best, they rock. If only my husband would drink wine with me… Oh well, more for me.

10881618_10204088101461252_6337636161402174234_n 10801525_10204088796238621_4392783569732863747_n 10431448_10204088790558479_6836046080425772959_n 10357597_10204088795318598_7097742511628253047_n

Bode had a great day too! He was, of course, just as interested in the wrapping paper, bows, and boxes as he was the actual toys. It was so fun watching him, even though he has not the slightest clue on what’s going on with all the presents and packages. We had such a good few days, celebrating and spending time with our families. We’ve got to see pretty much everyone in our families over the last week which makes all the hustle and bustle worth it. Wouldn’t trade my time with all those weirdo’s for nothin’!


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