Thanksgiving Turkeys

November has already come and gone. WHAT? It’s December 1st and it’s friggin’ miserable outside. We had a great Thanksgiving week and weekend with family and friends and now I’m carrying around like 5 to 10 extra pounds. Whatever. I always love getting to have a few days off work to spend with my guys. My house looks like it was overran with farm animals and I’m more tired after 4 days off than I should be, but it’s worth it. Well kind of. We took Bode’s paci away almost 2 weeks ago now and he has done PERFECT without it, until Saturday night. It was past nine and he decided he was partying instead of sleeping. He is never awake past 8:30, so we kept trying to lay him down and he just screamed bloody murder. He absolutely wouldn’t give in so we caved and gave him the paci and he pretty much went right to sleep. I know, I know, we were so close. Sue me. He’s still got over a month until he’s one so we will try again soon.


1966945_10203909875845723_1697925506147160717_nOur new favorite face to make!


The matching Vans…. I can’t help myself.



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