4th of July in Pictures

Happy 4th of July from the Saiz family!

Thank God for 3 day weekends, amirite? You can get so much more done with that extra day off work. The important stuff: sleep, snuggles, sun, and margaritas. We had a great time celebrating Bode’s first 4th of July. He was outside all weekend and loved (almost) every minute of it. Kooper also conquered jumping off the rock waterfall so that was pretty awesome. He started off by jumping to me a few times, then I jumped off with him, then he decided he was cool enough to do it by himself the rest of the weekend. You go, little dude. Now if only he would trust us enough to teach him how to swim without the floaties. No luck there.

10502163_10202951301441962_4417398752128156424_n10525631_10202951300481938_8718155786036963238_n 10517552_10202951301121954_2147405944928411043_n

My little guys in their red, white and blue! It’s so freaking cute how much they love each other. Bode does nothing but smile at Kooper. Koop tells us all the time how much he loves having a little brother. Pullin’ at the ole heart strings there buddy.

10376268_10202951299201906_3032014245230377364_n10444635_10202943946618096_6553893800331680168_nBode sure loves his Nonnie & Aunt Kenzie!

10450781_10202950509782171_1338857972061602401_nMy sister, me, and some of my awesome in-laws!


Had to throw in a picture of our True Strength Crossfit family too!


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