Arbonne Baby Care

babysetBefore I had my babe, I stocked up on every single different Johnson & Johnson baby wash, lotion, oil, you name it. I couldn’t wait for the sweet baby smell to fill my house. Then I saw this. Wait a second, hold up! Babies are testing positive for pot? There are chemicals in Johnson & Johnson and other baby washes that are causing babies in the nursery at hospitals to test positive. Have you seen the ‘No More Tears’ label on your bottles? Yep. These chemicals act as a numbing agent to keep your kiddo from having a meltdown when he/she gets soap in her eyes. I was also told by our pediatrician that Johnson & Johnson products used on children have been linked to cancer. The thought of my child having cancer makes me sick to the stomach so you can bet I will do anything to keep that from happening.

Arbonnes baby line (ABC) is a completely vegan, plant based line that is never tested on animals. All the chemicals are natural and organic. Nothing has touched Bode’s skin except these products and he hasn’t had so much as a blemish. He started getting diaper rash after we switched to formula and this diaper rash cream cured it almost instantly.

There are also some pretty cool, quirky uses for these products that have nothing to do with your kiddo. The diaper rash cream can be used for razor burn, chapped skin and faces, prevents chaffing, heals scratches and burns, stops the itching of mosquito bites, yeast infections, pimples, ring worm, and probably many more that are yet to be discovered!


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