My Body… Postpartum

The day I went into labor!! My sister took this picture that morning at work having no idea my water would break later that evening! Pretty cool.

I’m finally doing it, writing a post (pictures included!) about getting my body back after having a baby. My pregnancy was seriously a cake walk, I almost felt bad because I was never sick, nauseous, nothing. I was constantly exhausted though; working out became almost non-existent, so I quickly fell out of shape. Terribly out of shape. I ate decently through-out my whole pregnancy, but I also did a looooot of cheating when it came to sweets. I just couldn’t help myself. I gained 35 pounds, which I honestly feel is pretty good for how much exercising I DIDN’T do and the amount of chocolate I consumed. The picture below is actually about 2-3 weeks postpartum, not 4. The first half of my baby weight quickly fell off and most of my regular jeans/tops were fitting (tightly). After I got cleared to exercise at 6 weeks, I threw myself back into working out and was probably a little too hard on myself about getting back in shape. For someone who tried to stay in pretty decent shape, seeing an extra 10-15 pounds on the scale was a punch to the ole ego.

(Thanks for the stretch marks, son!)

Now I’m going to talk about how the rest (and more!) of my baby weight came off. My sister is an Arbonne consultant and she was raving about their 28 Day Clean Eating Challenge. My thoughts were, “blah blah blah. I already eat pretty healthy, that bullshit isn’t going to help me.” Wrong. Not only did I lose the last 8 pounds of baby weight, I also lost 7 more el bee’s, and 4 inches around my waist which isn’t always an easy place for us ladies. When you buy your Fit Kit, you get added to a Facebook group with your Arbonne leaders and all the other detoxers. You get provided recipes, meal plans, motivation, and a slew of stuff that might otherwise not seem helpful, but it seriously does help keep you accountable. It’s also an easy way to share your thoughts and concerns with people who are doing the same program as you.

(I haven’t worn these jeans comfortably in years. They slid on so easily!)

The above picture was about 3.5 months postpartum. I feel better and I also look pretty damn good too, compared to the 4 week picture at the top. Not only did the 28 Day Challenge help me look and feel better about myself, but it also made me feel better and healthier. I just detoxed a ton of toxins and other nasty crap out of my body that I didn’t even know was there. The best thing about this challenge is that you get to eat food! All the clean, natural, unprocessed food that you want! The amount of food you eat is not restricted in any way, other than following the diet provided. I was even still breastfeeding for the majority of the 28 days, consuming about 2,000 calories a day, and I still lost all that weight. I was also still working out at home this entire time, this girl can whoop your ass so hard in 10 minutes you don’t even know what hit ya. I started doing CrossFit with my sister and brother-in-law almost a month ago now, and I’m getting the best results from it!

The below picture, sorry for the cleavage and undies, was taken at almost 4 months postpartum. I honestly don’t think I would look like this without doing the detox. The inches literally just melted away and my belly looks basically like it did before pregnancy. I still have a little pooch there that is being stubborn! My goal is to be in better shape than I was before I got pregnant and I definitely believe that I’m almost there.


Below is a flyer for our next 28 Day Challenge starting in June. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose baby weight, lose the freshman 15 that turned into 30, if you’re a dude trying to get rid of your beer gut, or if you just want to be a healthier person.. This detox will get you there!! Comment on this post if you want more information, add me on Facebook (Bailie Saiz), get a hold of me somehow! I want to help everyone see the results I’ve seen. It doesn’t matter if you don’t live near me, these products can be ordered online and shipped directly to you.


Follow me on Instagram to see pictures of my progress, my cute ass kid, and occasionally my monster dog.


4 thoughts on “My Body… Postpartum

  1. Becky says:

    I feel like you wrote this for me!! I am 4 months pp with my second child. My first was only 17 months old when I delivered my second. I have lost all of the baby weight I gained during my second pregnancy but I still have 30 lbs to lose from my first. I have a few questions for you.

    1. Did you do crossfit while doing the detox? If not, what workout did you do?
    2. I am exclusively breastfeeding my son. Did you have any issues with that? I keep hearing that it’s not safe to do a cleanse while nursing but I keep trying to explain that this cleanse is different.

    Thank you in advance for your help! Congratulations!!!

    • babymommasaiz says:

      So great to hear that you’re getting back on track after you second baby though! 😀

      1. I didn’t do crossfit while I was doing the detox, but I was doing high intensity workouts that are a kind of derivative of crossfit (burpees, jump lunges, kettlebell swings, pushups, etc).
      2. The only thing that is iffy about this cleanse while breastfeeding is the 7 day cleanse that you do on the 3rd week. If you are like myself, I did not restrict what I ate in terms of harshness while nursing unless I found that it caused a problem with my baby. If you aren’t exposing your baby to a variety of tastes and spices through your breastmilk, then I would maybe skip that cleanse. It wouldn’t be harmful for your baby, but could cause an upset belly in the worst case. I did 1-2 detox teas everyday and 1-2 fizz sticks every day and I had absolutely no issues! The great thing about this cleanse is that you can still eat ALL the approved food you want so you can still get in all of your carbs to keep your milk supply up (think brown rice, sweet potatoes, olive oil, almonds, coconut oil, there’s so many yummy choices that are high in calories!!)

      If you’d like more info on the cleanse please feel free to give me your email, or email me at, add me on facebook, or I can even give you my phone number if you’d like to chat more that way and I can send you some info!

  2. Erin says:

    Quick question. I am on day 3 of this program and just had my fourth baby who is now 10 weeks old. I was planning to skip the 7 day cleanse as I was told that is not safe to use while nursing. Did you do this as well?? Would love to do so if it is safe.

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