Bode Starts Daycare!


No, none of these pictures are from Bode’s first day at daycare. I may have one at the end of the day, but I was too busy trying to keep myself from crying this morning that I didn’t get a picture. The one morning I’m actually running on time too and I didn’t have the camera in his face. But, these were all taken over the weekend. My big 10 week old baby boy! I can’t believe he is already two and a half months old and starting daycare. We put him in a small in-home daycare with a lady that came highly recommended by some close friends of my family so I know he’s in great hands…. but, Jesus H. Christ this momma has had a rough morning. I’ve cried off basically all of my makeup at this point. I look like a hot mess. Bode is the only baby so I know he’s going to get lots of good attention. I really can’t think of a time when my heart has broken like it did when I dropped him off and walked out the door. Good god, now I’m crying again.

Top Right/Bottom Left: We L-O-V-E morning time! It’s our happiest time of the day. He just smiles and smiles and giggles and coo’s at us. It’s the cutest damn thing I ever did see.
Top Left: Yesterday morning. We were having our Sunday morning cuddles in bed when Daddy was getting ready to hand him over to me and he had an explosion out the side of the diaper, onto our sheets and on Daddy. Whoopsies.
Bottom Right: When Bode was a brand new newborn, we could use regular swaddles to wrap him up because I could get him wrapped pretty tight without him wiggling his arms out. Now even our bigger receiving blankets are too small so these swaddles work perfect. He’s just a perfect little peanut with a perfect round head! (He absolutely has to be swaddled to sleep or he startles himself every 5 minutes and wakes up screaming).

Also, this baby loves to be naked!! Takes after his mom I guess. My mom couldn’t keep clothes on me when I was a kid.


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