Bode is 2 Months Old!

Our sweet boy turned 2 months old yesterday! He doesn’t look so sweet in that picture, huh? He’s a hoot. Morning times are his favorite time of the day. He loves to be talked to and to see mom & dad’s faces. He just smiles and smiles. Now, when I get us home from work at the end of the day is a different story. We usually get home around 4:30 (which is still an hour and a half away from feeding time) and he is just inconsolable until he gets fed about half the time. It kind of makes me feel bad, but I’ve started putting him back in his car seat and he usually stops screaming at me. He loves that thing. He has also recently decided too that he doesn’t mind bath time. Thank god, finally. His first handful of baths were rough. He screamed bloody murder the whole time.

He’s definitely went through a growth spurt recently, too. There will be days when I feel like I just cannot produce enough milk to keep him tied over until the next feeding. About a week ago we tried to supplement at night with this formula that they had sent home with us from the hospital. They were in these little ready to drink bottles like a freakin’ protein shake. I would mix two ounces of it with two ounces of breast milk. He loved it and gulped it down fast, but it ended up constipating him SO bad for a few days. It really didn’t make him sleep any longer through the night (maybe 30 minutes) and the belly pain he would have the next day just wasn’t worth it. So three nights of that and it went out the window. Back to only boobie milk. I know there’s a range of formulas out there that would agree with him better, but it’s probably a good thing the one we had on hand didn’t. It is so much less tempting to switch him to formula for the convenience factor of not having to haul around the breast pump and all it’s supplies now that I’m back to work. Plus, boobie milk is FREE. FREE!! I was at Sam’s the other day and saw the price of formula and about shat myself! I go back and forth on how long I want to breastfeed, but I’d definitely rather pocket the cash then spend it on formula which is less nutritious than what I can give him. FO’ FREE! His reflux has also gotten so, so, so much better. The Zantac really is a miracle worker as his pediatrician said. He takes 1.2ML twice a day. He rarely spits up large amounts anymore.

We are going this afternoon for our 2 month check up and he has to get shots. I’ve already teared up a few times just thinking about hearing him scream. Ugh! Don’t worry Bode, momma has a big ole boob to shove in your mouth afterwards!






One thought on “Bode is 2 Months Old!

  1. Valerie says:

    Those photos are priceless!! 😀
    Growth spurts can be killers, but keep at it – your body will eventually up its supply to compensate. You can also try a few things to boost your supply. Google it!

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