Poop Machine

We have had quite a few blowout diapers lately, but yesterday we experienced our first blowout while away from the house. My mom and I went shopping and Bode was along for the ride. It was feeding time and he was getting fussy so in between stores we parked the car and were getting ready to eat when I saw the natural disaster in Bode’s onesie. Thank god what got in the car seat was able to be cleaned up. We were also in Jacob’s truck and I just knew if poop got on the seats, he would have a complete shit fit. We successfully got the diaper changed without getting it anywhere (except on me). I dug out quite the stylish outfit from the diaper bag as you can see below. We always keep a white onesie in the diaper bag, but Bode prefers to wear my stylish clothes.

While out and about, we also made a stop at the pediatricians office because Bode had seemed kind of snotty and nasally (is that a word?) the past couple of days. He has also been spitting up a lot more after feedings recently too. The good news as that he had gained a pound in a week and a half so he weighs 7 pounds 15.5 ounces now. The bad news is that he has acid reflux and had to be prescribed Zantac drops. Supposedly, breastfed babies are more prone to getting reflux. They seem to be working already, even though he hates them and spits half of it out. Our pediatrician said that the nasal congestion can be caused be the reflux. Hopefully that is the cause of the congestion and he doesn’t get a full blown cold, or even worse Bronchiolitis, which I guess is pretty common in babies around a month old.






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