Bode’s Birth Story

Our baby is here! He’s finally here after what felt like years of being pregnant and waiting for him to come. As my 38 week blog post read, I had given up hope of him coming early. Oh, how wrong I was! Thursday all day at work I was having all my normal “aches and pains” that I’d been having for weeks. Basically just one long, constant Braxton Hicks contraction that would not go away at all. That afternoon when I got home from work I was so physically exhausted I had already preplanned the hour long bath I would be taking. (Kooper always elects to go to my sisters house on Thursdays when we get home because she lets him watch cartoons and play iPad games for hours, Aunts are always the heros, huh?) TMI AHEAD!! Anyways, when I got home and went to the bathroom before my bath I had lost ALL of my mucus plug. Strings and strings and strings of yellowish white mucus. Still, I thought “well there’s a step in the right direction, not getting my hopes up.” I forgot to mention that I also made a big pineapple mango smoothie, there’s a wives tale that pineapple is supposed to help soften the cervix. I didn’t believe it, still don’t think I do, but I had lots of frozen fruit in the freezer that I needed to use so I thought,” shoot why not.” Anywho, loss of mucus plug, pineapple smoothie, and a long warm bath must have done the trick somehow! Not even 30 minutes later, I was standing in the kitchen making instant rice on the stove and POP, water broke! Heard it and felt it and knew instantly what it was. Jacob says he just had a feeling it was going to happen because I lost the plug and he had just put some awesome Teriyaki marinated pork chops on the grill. Low and behold, he was right. He had to pull those amazing smelling chops off the grill halfway through and he was not happy about it!

My water broke at about 6:15pm, give or take, and we were out the door by 7. Of course, we made a pit stop at the McD’s by the hospital because Jacob was famished and I did NOT want him passing out on me. My contractions started about halfway to the hospital (25 minute drive), but they weren’t too painful yet. They started alternating between strong, ripping contraction in my back to the worst pulling cramps in my stomach. They had to verify that my water had indeed broke when we got to labor and delivery and were put into a “holding room”. The first time she checked me (dilated to a 1-2 and 100% thinned out) and checked the fluid to make sure it was my water, the litmus type paper didn’t turn the right shade of blue so the nurse told us we were going to have to wait 60-90 minutes and see what happened. That wasn’t going to work for momma. Thankfully, (TMI) I had water coming out in gushes periodically so she checked again about 15 minutes later and the paper instantly signaled that my water had broken. Praise God!! My contractions were so bad at this point I couldn’t even form tears I was in so much pain. I was on the verge of puking. About an hour after she had checked me the first time, I had dilated to a 3. I was given an IV with pain medication to help take the edge off before I could be given my epidural, I was BEGGING for it! A different nurse came in to give me the IV, bad idea! This chick dug around in my left arm and ended up blowing the vein! I could feel it over the contractions. I was so mad, never have I had a problem getting an IV or blood drawn. The pain meds did help take the edge off though for about 30-45 minutes until I was given my epidural. Jacob opted to stay in the room while I got the epidural, much to my surprise, and he did AWESOME! I was shaking and quivering from all the hormones, medication, adrenaline, etc. I honestly barely even felt the epidural. My nurse anesthetist Roseanne deserves a freakin’ award for her performance. Couldn’t have been better.

Time lapse since water break: 4 hours-ish. Finally, I had an epidural and was sitting pretty. I was in NO pain, felt NO pressure from the contractions, and had partial movement in my legs. Like I said, Roseanne is the woman! I could roll onto my sides (mostly) by myself. At this point I had dilated to a “stretchy 4” and stayed this way for about 3 hours. When my nurse (I had two, Cassie and Nancy – SAINTS!!) came in to check me around 2:30am I was dilated to a 9! Holy hell! The doctor who would be delivering wanted to be called when I was at a 7. Jacob went into panic mode at this point. The sudden change made me very nauseous and made me start puking at one point. Very scary. My blood pressure had dropped too a little bit so they hooked me up to oxygen just to be safe. My doctor got there around 3am and checked me. By 4am, baby was sunny side up (the result being that terrible back labor), but I was ready to start pushing! A nurse holding each leg and Jacob sitting up near my head with a hand on my shoulder staring straight down at the floor, we began pushing. Talk about running a marathon that I hadn’t been training for. The doctor wasn’t even in there for the first hour or so of pushing with occasional drop ins. The nurses had me roll on each side and do a few pushes that way to try and get baby to flip over. Doctor came in and did some sort of something down there and baby flipped right away. Thank you sir! The last 40-50 minutes of pushing was very tiring. It’s like nothing you could ever experience. So surreal. Like I said, I couldn’t even feel contractions up until about the last 20 minutes before I gave birth. It wasn’t painful though, I could just feel them coming on and it would signal me to start pushing. Before I knew it, his head was out and then I felt doctor pull the rest of his body out. He was here! The most emotional moment of my entire life. I’m crying writing this by the way. Jacob and I were both an emotional wreck for a solid 20 minutes. Our baby boy was here and life was absolutely perfect! (Still is!)

Child birth is without a doubt the most amazing experience I’ve ever been through and I’m so thankful I have an amazing husband who sit next to me, told me how great I was doing, fed me ice, and stayed positive through the whole labor and delivery. 12 hours sounds like such a long time to be in labor, but it seriously went SO fast. With the help of great nurses and doctors, our son came into this world (screaming) and has already changed my life for the best. It’s probably the rush of postpartum hormones, but I get emotional just looking at him. He’s SO perfect and I love him SO much!

Big brothers Beau and Kooper right before we left to drop Kooper off at my sisters and head to the hospital!

Oxygen mask selfie! Very attractive.

The first picture of Bode and Daddy! It’s so true that you don’t realize how much you love someone until you see how much they love your child. These two make my life worth living.

Aunt Kenz and Nonnie! These two are already wrapped around Bode’s little finger.

This was taken sometime during the day of delivery. We completely lost track of time after we got to the hospital, those 30 hours are such a blur!


Daddy changing that first sticky tar diaper!

I cannot believe how much he has already changed since this picture. He’s only 6 days old!

Headed home!

Kooper is such a good big brother, he loves looking at and holding Bode.

My cute little peanut! God I love him.

Beau was NOT sure about this tiny screaming human we brought into his house. He’s getting better, but still pretty jealous. He likes to lay at my feet while I’m feeding the baby.

Headed to the doctor yesterday morning! Bode’s bilirubin level has been high since they checked him for jaundice the day he was born. We had to go back to the hospital on Monday to get a blood test done to check that level again. It was still a little high. We had to go back, once again, yesterday and the level had barely risen so that was great news! (He cried this time which made momma cry too.. So sad!) The pediatrician said that the bilirubin level stops rising on day 4-5 of life so at this point it should only start decreasing. So relieving.

The cutest face I have EVER seen.


2 thoughts on “Bode’s Birth Story

  1. Eightlegs2People says:

    My husband is asking what I am giggling and tearing up at while I read your post 😉 i can’t wait to be in the hospital in your position 😉 it seems so close but so far away. congrats 😉

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