Baby Bump — 37 Weeks!


How far along:
37 weeks and 2 days…. 20 days to go!!!
Baby Development/Movement: We had an ultrasound last Friday and he weighed in at a whopping 6 pounds 11 ounces. Holy Christ. He could still be in there for a few weeks, gaining weight rapidly! A half pound to a pound a week, so that’s scary. The following content may be considered too much information, just a heads up! I went to the doctor today and I’m 1 centimeter dilated and 90% effaced, but my cervix is still kind of firm. As soon as we can get that bad boy to soften up a little bit, I think baby boy will be here any day. My doctor said she thinks he will be here in the next week or two! Hopefully he makes it out in the next 7 days, or after the 19th, because my doctor is going to be out of town for 10 days. I about shit myself when she gave me that news. I know the nurses and the doctor who would deliver him if she’s gone will do a fine job, but… SONOFABITCH! Please say a quick prayer that he decides to come in the next few days or waits until the 19th! He’s still squirming around like crazy in there even with the lack of room. I’m trying to coax him out by bribing to buy him a new car or something.. Hopefully it works.
Week’s Best: Seeing his little face on the ultrasound last week was great (even though the regular 2d ultrasounds are almost impossible for me to distinguish). I’m starting to have stronger contractions, which don’t feel good, but are definitely a good sign of things to come. News that I’m progressing more and more every week is also exciting and hopefully things keep going this way.
Week’s Worst: Knowing my doctor could very possibly be gone when I go into labor is a huge downer…. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the best!
Pregnancy Struggles:
Back Pain: It only gets worse. Today during my exam she said his head is EXTREMELY low which is what’s causing me the back pain. I feel like my (gigantic) butt is a shelf and there is a 50 pound weight sitting on top of it. I feel like that’s a pretty good description of it. Also another awesome visual, his head being so low is also making the insides of my thighs and hips hurt equally as bad, which makes rolling out of bed extremely hard and painful. I feel like a beached whale trying to flop myself back into the ocean every time I get up to pee in the night (which is quite frequent).


6 thoughts on “Baby Bump — 37 Weeks!

  1. Kim Cowart says:

    Do you use evening primrose to help with the softening of the cervix ?? This is something that was discussed with my OB ?

  2. Kim Cowart says:

    I am not far enough along to use it yet ( 24 weeks ) , but a lot of my gfs have used it to help with that πŸ˜‰ I would call and ask it it’s okay to start !!!! Why not ? Hope things continue to go well πŸ˜‰

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