Christmas with the Saiz’

It was a pretty wonderful Christmas at the Saiz household this year. Christmas Eve, we had our family get together with Jacobs family which was a ton of fun and Kooper and Bode got tons of awesome stuff. Jacob, Kooper, and I are such party animals that we came home and went straight to bed. Of course I was the first one to wake up Christmas morning around 7 so I cleaned the house up a little bit in preparation for the wrapping paper storm that was about to hit.

The little boy is always up early with me (he’s usually the one to wake me up and I can never fall back asleep). Doesn’t he just look so mistreated because he’s not allowed on the couch?

Stocking stuffers usually turn out to be some of the coolest presents. They were for me anyways. Kooper got some crazy glasses which were a big hit. One pair got the eyes poked out so now he just wears the glasses around. Whatever floats your boat.

Santa brought Kooper two remote control helicopters (obviously he needed to bring two so him and daddy wouldn’t have to take turns). This was the closest Beau was getting to the action.

Toys galore. It was a few hours of constant madness, not knowing which toys to play with. So everything got put together right away and looked like we literally have a dozen kids, not just one, with all the stuff that was all over the place.

Beau finally said F it, I’m out of here with these helicopters. The bedroom is now his safe haven.

Again with the glasses.



We truly had an amazing Christmas, couldn’t have asked for it to be better! We spent most of the day with my family after lunch and had my sisters birthday celebration that evening. All we needed was for this baby to be here and our day would have been complete!


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