Baby Bump – 35 Weeks!

Went with the mirror selfie this week. Don’t judge me!

How Far Along: 35 weeks! (35 days….)
Baby Development/Movement: It’s hard to say at this point. The average baby is the size of a coconut, 4-6 pounds and 17-18 inches long. It’s hard to tell in pictures, but he’s definitely dropped. (THANK GOD). I can breathe again finally. Starting Monday evening I was having extremely bad lower back/tailbone pain that continued all through yesterday. I went in to see my doctor to make sure I wasn’t experiencing back labor and I wasn’t, thankfully. I’m not dilated at all yet, but I am 50% effaced so things are progressing. She said his head is right there in the birth canal and that’s what is putting so much pressure on my tailbone. I’ve been having a mixture of what I think are Braxton Hicks contractions and regular contractions. It’s so hard to tell the difference, I just think some are real because I drink so much water everyday and I can still feel them. He’s still moving around a lot and they said that him squirming around could break my water tomorrow or in 3 weeks. There’s no way to know. UGH! I’m praying this big boy decides in the next couple of weeks that he’s had enough and ready to have some breathing room. I know I am more than ready.
Diet & Exercise: …….. no comment.
Stretch Marks & Belly Button: I have ONE stretch mark. So depressing. By belly button is also sticking out as you can see in the picture.
Week’s Best: Even though I had to go in to see my doctor due to being in pain, it’s nice knowing how things are progressing down there. The guessing/waiting game is miserable! Plus, if he was to be born now he wouldn’t even have to go to the NICU most likely. Very comforting.
Week’s Worst: Nothing really to bitch and moan about this week! My husband would complain that I made him leave the bar early over the weekend, but hey… When you’re this pregnant, getting ready and even going anywhere is an accomplishment.
Pregnancy Struggles: Everything that happens from the moment I wake up to the time I lay down at night could be considered a struggle at this point! I feel like I need a fork lift to help roll me over in bed. That’s all I’ve got for today, time for me to waddle my big ass down the hall to the bathroom.


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