A Complete Nursery

Baby Bode’s room is finally complete and ready for him to be here! I’d venture to say it’s overly ready for him…. It is hard to believe how much stuff such a brand new, tiny human actually needs. We love, love, love the nursery though. I could literally just sit in there, look around, and be happy. We just need a little nugget in there now. With the exception of some picture frames leaning against the changing table that will be filled with newborn pictures very soon, we don’t have anything else that needs to be done. I didn’t even include a picture of his closet because it’s a tad bit overwhelming. It’s completely full of clothes, diapers, wipes, books, oh my lord. He has more clothes than Jacob and I combined.


Baby Cache Heritage Crib

Monkey Rock n Play Sleeper

(I’ve heard these things are amazing from numerous moms. Hopefully Bode loves it too. Huge thanks to his aunts (my college roommates) for getting this for him!!!)

I wish I had a link for the little blue end tables. They were a bargain find at TJ Maxx one evening.


This picture is sending my OCD into overdrive. I should have moved those picture frames because it’s totally freaking me out. I’m sure this side of the room is  going to be rearranged numerous times until I get it just the perfect way that doesn’t make me insane.

Delta Eclipse Changing Table

Diaper Dekor Plus (Thanks Aunt Samantha & Uncle Justin!)

Crane Drop Humidifier

I’m not sure the brand or where the glider came from. Jacob’s grandma bought that when Kooper was born. Now all of our babies get to be rocked in it! There is an ottoman that glides also that goes with it, but the room is so small we have it stored for now.

This ancient piece of history was my mom’s cradle. My sister and I both slept in it as newborns and my mom really wanted me to use it. The bottom was warped, so it got replaced and it also got a new paint job and now it’s as good as new! I actually really love it and the blue & gray bedding makes it adorable. It will be moved into our room shortly, we’re just trying to save it from any unnecessary slobber from Big Beau since he so rudely likes to come to my side of the bed and breathe in my face every morning.


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