Baby Bump – 33 Weeks!


How Far Along: 33 weeks! 49 days to go. Holy mother.
Baby Development/Movement: He’s the size of a durian fruit??? I don’t even know what that is. About 17 to 19 inches long and somewhere between 3-6 pounds. Scary. He is just about done growing in length, still may have a few inches to go, but is still packing on about a half a pound each week. Probably a few pounds last week from all the crap I consumed over Thanksgiving and the days to follow. Supposedly, he is now keeping his eyes open while he’s awake so that is pretty neat. His bones are hardening and he’s just about ready for life on the outside. He’s still moving like crazy and, as expected, he’s getting so big and putting so much pressure on my bladder. Yesterday evening I was running a few errands with my mom and went to dinner, I had to pee about every 15 minutes and I was drinking exactly zero ounces of water at that time. Ridiculous. When my bladder gets that full, I turn into a full blown waddler. It’s lovely. I have to walk by my sisters office every time I need to use the restroom and she just laughs at me. I’ll remember that.
Diet & Exercise: Shopping counts as exercise when you’re a tub of lard, so I’ve been getting a little bit of exercise lately as we are getting ready for Christmas and stuff. I went waaaaaaaay off track on my diet for Thanksgiving and the weekend after, but I’m back to normal now. Five small meals a day: protein in every meal, easy on the carbs. I am a FIEND for spicy food. The spicier, the better. Jalapenos on everything. Well, late pregnancy has decided it doesn’t want me to eat spicy food. It tears me up and that’s all I’ll say. I guess I better just ween myself off now since the rumor is that spicy food is a no-no while nursing anyways. Giving up my spicy Chipotle burrito bowls is just pure torture. We finally got one in Joplin, just in time for it my royally screw up my stomach.
Weeks Best: Well, being able to gorge myself and enjoy some awesome food for Thanksgiving was pretty great. But, being able to spend time with all of our family takes the cake for this weeks best moment. My dad’s family lives here, but my mom’s side of the family all lives over 3 hours away in central Oklahoma so we only get to see them for holidays and other special occasions. We got to spend lots of time with them and Jacob’s family so we were happy campers. Bummer for me though because there were all kinds of yummy beverages that I couldn’t enjoy with everyone else. I’ll make up for missing out next Thanksgiving.
Weeks Worst: Jacob had to leave Monday morning to fly to Atlanta for work all week so that has sucked. I hate, hate, HATE being home alone, but at least I have big Beau to keep me company. My mom also came and hung out with me yesterday and took me to dinner so that was fun. I’m ready for him to be home though.
Pregnancy Struggles: Every week proves to be more daunting than the last.
Eating. Forget about eating that second serving of your favorite side dish on Thanksgiving or you will turn into a miserable, bloated, beached whale. That’s what happened to me anyways. Two Thanksgiving lunches a couple hours apart SCREWED. ME. OVER! I have no willpower. I can’t help it. I am here to say…. THE SECOND PLATE IS NOT WORTH IT!
Back pain. This is a given in pregnancy. But I’ve had a bad back forever (thanks mom for the great genes), so I’ve always just dealt with it. In the last month or so, it’s gotten so much worse though. Go to the chiropractor!!!!!! That’s my advice. Obviously, make sure he/she knows you’re pregnant if you’re not showing, but it makes a world of difference. I’ve been going weekly (have an appointment this evening, Hallelujah Jesus!) and it seems to really be helping. Don’t get me wrong, the pain is still there. It’s just minimized immensely and every bit helps when you’re a hugh heifer hoofin’ around all day.


2 thoughts on “Baby Bump – 33 Weeks!

    • babymommasaiz says:

      Thank you! It’s actually not even a maternity top, I ordered it online last year and it was way too big and I’m terrible able returning things in the mail. So, 8.5 months pregnant it finally fits 🙂

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