Baby Bump – 32 Weeks!


Age: 22
How Far Along: 32 Weeks! 8 weeks to go. This is getting real….
Baby Development/Movement: Bode is supposedly the size of a squash, weighing in at slightly over 3 pounds and about 15 to 17 inches. At this point, he’s completely developed with the exception of his lungs. He’s just packing on the pounds. At my 32 week appointment on Monday, my doctor informed us that if he was to be born now, the risk of him having any kind of life altering aliments from being premature is significantly lower, although he would still be in the NICU. I also took in the measurements from our elective 3D scan a few weeks ago to my doctor and she looked them over. He is in the 59th percentile for growth (which she says is normal – I have no earthly idea) and that he is on track to be a 7 pounder. Wowza. I know that is perfectly normal and healthy, just freaking me the F out. His heart rate was 152 on Monday, he’s so active! I don’t think it’s been in the 140’s for the past like 5 months.
Diet & Exercise: See above. I’m having AT LEAST a seven pound baby, no doubt. Now it’s my job to make sure he doesn’t get too much over that, for my own benefit. Which, I’ve kept to eating a really healthy, really scheduled diet for a month at least now. I’ve gained 27 pounds thus far, and my doctor said I should gain another 8-12. As long as I remember that he’s supposed to be gaining half a pound from here on out, that number doesn’t freak me out as much. I’m tellin’ ya though, I’m so ready to have a flat stomach again.
Stretch Marks: None. Ugh. 8 more weeks of the constant application of lotion. I can do it. I can do it. Speaking of stretching though, I swear my boobs have grown a cup size in the last 2 days. I knew they were going to start growing again nearing the end of my pregnancy, but holy shit balls. I could almost put Pam Anderson to shame with these funbags. I’m also ready for them to go back to normal size. Jacob, however, is not. He told me the other night he wished I could have these size of boobs with my normal body. Good god! I’m 5 foot 3, 125 pounds, with a C cup normally… I would fall flat over walking around with DDD? E? cups. TMI, I know… Sorry. Life of a pregnancy woman and her perverted husband.
Week’s Best: Hearing Bode’s heartbeat. I just love going to my doctors appointment and visiting with my doctor. She is absolutely AMAZING! Seriously, doctors can be so stuffy and rude. She is so down to earth and you can tell she is truly passionate about what she does. She has a small practice of all women so it’s pretty cool. I’m down to 2 week appointments now, so the anxiety between appointments doesn’t last as long!
Pregnancy Struggles: Every where I turn, I’m running into something. Like seriously, Bode is going to be so pissed at me after he’s born due to the amount of corners and random things I run into.
Fitting in small spaces. What was once an easy space to fit through is impossible now. I feel like an overweight dog who can’t fit through his doggy-door anymore. If it’s tight squeeze, I’m not even attempting it. The worst is being in a crowded restaurant or somewhere similar and having to navigate through crowded tables. Like.. “Excuse me sir, can you get up out of your chair and move out of the way so me and my belly can fit through? Thank you, you’re so gracious.”
Bending over. I already complained about this last week I think, but honestly! Last night I was laying on the couch (like always) with my legs draped over Jacob. I bent over to take one sock off and it was just too damn strenuous. I had to have him take the other one off for me. Talk about ridiculous.


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