Baby Bump – 31 Weeks!


Even my face is getting fat now. Superb!

How Far Along: 31 Weeks! 9 Weeks! 63 Days! Not that I’m counting…. I figured out that we have 9 (at the most) free weekends until baby is here, that freaked me out some.
Baby Development & Movement: This week he is the size of a pineapple, about 15 to 17 inches long and probably getting close to the 3 pound mark. He is beginning to show more and more brain activity in this last stretch of pregnancy as his brain develops. All his bones are hardening (except for his skull), getting him prepared for life on the outside. Also, all 5 senses are working now which is pretty awesome. They say if you hold a flash light up to your belly, the baby will see the light and shy away from it. Pretty crazy. His kicks are getting less and less as he runs out of room. The feeling is so unexplainable I don’t know how to describe it. I finally got a couple videos of him last night moving around so hard, he’s so ornery that he stops anytime someone wants to feel him.
Diet & Exercise: Well, I did get on the treadmill one day last week. Plus, I went to the mall and did some shopping with my sister one day so that basically counts as exercise because I was wiped out after! My diet though, I’m pretty proud of myself. With the exception of eating a few pounds (not exaggerating) of this sweet potato casserole at a friends turkey fry over the weekend, I’ve been really strict on my diet. Eating 5 times a day, 3 hours apart. Protein and veggies in every meal, low carbs and low sugar. Seems to be holding me over, for now.
Stretch Marks: None. Yay!
Belly Button: It’s about ready to pop out.
Weeks Best: We had a lactation class last night, and I really enjoyed it! It answered basically all of questions about breast feeding and I feel so much more prepared now. I know it’s still probably going to be the blind leading the blind for a while, but hopefully Bode and I will get the hang of it pretty quick. I’m not sure what Jacob’s thoughts were on the whole thing.. He was just excited that he would be seeing some boobs. Surprising!
Weeks Worst: I felt that I had something really funny to complain about this week, but it’s slipped my mind. (I can’t remember jack shit these days).
Pregnancy Struggles: It’s probably necessary to talk about the restrictions that come along with being 31 weeks pregnant and having a pineapple sized baby strapped to your ginormous body.
Shaving. It’s been hard to shave my legs for weeks now, but it progressively gets worse and worse. We have a pretty small shower, which in a way works to my advantage right now. I can wedge myself between the walls, with my back on one and a leg up hiked on the other (paints such a beautiful picture in your mind, sorry). That’s about the only way to shave. Unless I feel like taking a bath.
Breathing. It might have something to do with the fact that I haven’t been this out of shape in… my whole life, but I literally run out of breath just sitting on the couch. Especially after eating. I have to be really careful about how much I eat because it just makes me so miserable.
Bending over. Pretty much can’t do it anymore. I just have to squat down like a freaking sumo wrestler if I need to pick up anything that is on the ground. Good thing my dog comes up to my belly button or he wouldn’t be getting petted anymore.
Sleeping. I am still sleeping fairly well, but I have to get up once or twice a night to pee. Which I’ve been doing basically the whole pregnancy so I’m used to it at this point. BUT. Now I have a humongous belly to move and it’s just a disaster. Between the pillow top on our bed that sinks you in and the fortress of pillows I have built around me every night, it’s a damn chore just to get my ass out of bed. I feel like Gilbert Grapes mom. I just need help!
So other than the necessities of life getting increasingly harder, pregnancy is a breeze!


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