Baby Bode in Pictures

It’s been a pretty slow Monday afternoon in my office, so I did a little picture collaging. I just can’t get enough of seeing this sweet boy’s little face, I can’t believe it just dawned on me that I should compare all his sonogram pictures thus far. I’ve already put all of these up, but this way you can see each of them and compare how much different he looks. It’s crazy that in his 16 week sonogram (top left), I think he looks exactly like my baby pictures (I’m probably insane), but in the other two pictures I don’t have any idea who he’s going to look like. You can’t definitely tell he’s running of womb (get it?) in the bottom picture. I can’t wait to see the changes at our 36 week ultrasound. Only 5 weeks away!


16 Weeks – Top Left
20 Weeks – Top Right
30 Weeks – Bottom Left


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