Lemon-Mustard Glazed Turkey Cutlets

Yesterday morning as I was making my daily morning omelet, I laid out what I thought was a package of frozen over ground turkey. When I came back about 30 minutes later, I realized it was turkey cutlets and I thought, “ah, crap.” I can usually disguise ground turkey or ground chicken as hamburger meat when I feed it to the boys, but Jacob can definitely tell the difference between a piece of turkey and a piece of chicken. Oh, the joys of being married to the pickiest man in the world. He’s probably going to be pissed after he reads this and realizes what I put in this meal that he didn’t know was there. Muahaha.

Here’s your ingredients:
1-2 lbs. Turkey Cutlets (I bet this works just fine with chicken or pork chops as well)
2 T. Olive Oil
1 T. Dijon Mustard
2 T. Worcestershire Sauce
2 T. Lemon Juice (or half of one real lemon)
2 T. Minced Garlic (less if you aren’t a garlicky person, I use the crap out of it – obviously)
1 tsp. Rosemary leaves
Lemon Pepper Seasoning (I love Mrs. Dash)
Pink Himalayan Salt to taste (regular salt is fine – but Kosher tastes the best)

Sidenote: these are just guestimates on the ingredients, I never measure anything. Unless I’m baking.


Here’s where Jacob is going to freak. I had some chopped up onions in my fridge, so I put about a handful in my little salsa blender and blended those bad boys until they were so fine you couldn’t tell they were onions. Add the onions, garlic, and olive oil into a large skillet and sauté over medium high heat. Since the onions are so fine, you can’t really tell when they become transparent so when it really starts smelling like heaven, you’re good. Cover the turkey on one side with the lemon pepper and face that side down in the skillet. Then cover the other side with the lemon pepper. You’ll cook each side for about 5 minutes.


The help. Kooper is always playing some sort of Lego’s or motorcycles in the middle of the floor while I make dinner and Beau is usually just in the way. Last night though, he just stood and stared at his reflection in the dishwasher for like 5 minutes. Weirdo.


Oh, back to this deliciousness. After you flip these guys over to the second side, after about 2 minutes you’re going to add your other ingredients on top. I mixed the lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, mustard, salt, and rosemary in a little bowl and set it to the side until I was ready for it. Pour onto of the turkey, some will run off, and let it simmer for another 2-4 minutes. I’d cut each piece of turkey open, too, to make sure it’s cooked all the way through.


And voila! I ate mine with just my “famous” green beans (sauteed in a pan with garlic and pepper), but I also made mac and cheese for the boys. Plus, green beans are just about the only vegetable I can get Jacob and Kooper to eat without forcing their hand. With this big ole boy in my belly, I’m watching my diet pretty close and macaroni and cheese doesn’t make the list. Damn it. I thought this stuff was pretty awesome. I could tell Jacob was a tad unsure because he could taste something that wasn’t quite right to him (mustard and onions), but Kooper was completely clueless and he loved it! My job here is done.


Lemon Mustard Glazed Turkey Cutlets
1-2 lbs. Turkey Cutlets
2 T. Olive Oil
1 T. Dijon Mustard
2 T. Worcestershire Sauce
2 T. Lemon Juice (or half of one real lemon)
2 T. Minced Garlic
1 tsp. Rosemary leaves
Lemon Pepper Seasoning
Pink Himalayan Salt to taste

1. Sauté minced garlic (and onions if you choose) with olive oil in large skillet over medium high heat.
2. Sprinkle lemon pepper seasoning on both sides of (thawed) turkey cutlets and place in skillet, cooking 5 minutes on each side.
3. While the turkey is cooking, combine dijon mustard, worcestshire sauce, lemon juice, rosemary, and salt in small bowl.
4. When turkey has roughly 3 minutes left on the second side of cooking, pour the mixture on top of each cutlet. Some with run off, and that’s fine. Simmer for 2-4 more minutes. Cut each piece open in the middle with a knife to make sure it’s cooked all the way through.
5. Serve with any vegetable of your choice for a low carb, healthier option! You can do macaroni and cheese if you have a 5 year old and a husband who has the diet of a 5 year old like myself.


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