Baby Bump – 30 Weeks!


Age: 22
How Far Along: 30 Weeks! Officially 3/4 of the way there. 10 weeks to go.
Baby Development/Movement: Not exactly sure how long baby Bode is, somewhere between 15 to 17 inches probably. At the ultrasound on Monday, he weighed 2.8 pounds! Which is supposedly normal, I guess, at this point! His little feetsies were 2 inches long too and kept them up in front of his face the whole time! Little stinker. He may have daddy’s big monkey feet. My expected due date (EDD) is January 22, but I’ve been measuring a week ahead for about a month and a half now. My actual ultrasound age (AUA) on Monday was January 15, so exactly one week ahead. I’ve read, though, that the farther along you get in your pregnancy, the less accurate ultrasounds are in predicting your due date. It’s really just to judge babies growth and development.  He’s getting pretty cramped in my uterus, he was head down at the ultrasound with his feet up under my boobs (which explains the kicks I feel at the top of my belly). The tech acted like she didn’t really think he’d flip back around because of the lack of space he now has! I can tell when he’s really moving around because I can feel his little butt pressing up at the top of my belly and his head down towards the bottom. It’s quite uncomfortable when he gets stretched out like that. I think it’s safe to say we are both running out of room!
Diet & Exercise: Exercise sucks. Actually it doesn’t. It just does while I have no motivation. I can’t wait til I have the desire back to work out. As for my diet, it’s still been pretty good. My OB said she would be cutting me off sweets at 32 weeks (which I think she does for everyone), but after seeing how big he already was, I’ve cut myself off. No more cookies. No more Reese Cups. No more brownies. My life is over. I’m so scared I’m going to have a very large baby and I have a fairly small frame. I weighed over 8 pounds and was 3.5 weeks early when I was born, so I think really the best idea at this point is to watch my diet extremely close.
Stretch Marks: None. I feel like I’m already torpedoed out so far in front, it’s a miracle I don’t have any yet. I am drenching my skin in my lotion concoction (baby lotion, coconut oil, vitamin e lotion – blended) at least 3 times a day now, so I think that’s really helping.
Weeks Best: Of course, the ultrasound on Monday and getting to see Bode for the first time in 10 weeks. It is absolutely unbelievable how amazing the 3D scans are and how clear you can seem them. He has changed so much since we saw him last, and I imagine he will look so much more different at our 36 week appointment. He already has super chubby cheeks. Ugh, I cannot wait to hold him. Also, I had my baby shower over the weekend and that was just perfect. Bode got so many great things, he is set for a very, very long time!
Weeks Worst: This cold weather shipping in. I LOVE winter time, but not while I’m pregnant. I got my flu shot (like 3 weeks ago and I swear I can still see the bruise on my arm), but I’m terrified of getting sick right now. I woke up yesterday with my first bloody nose, which I hear is somewhat common at this point in pregnancy. So last night, I stole the humidifier Bode got at the shower, covered my face and chest in Vick’s , and felt a lot better this morning.


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