30 Week Ultrasound!

After 10 weeks, we finally got to see baby Bode again yesterday! He was being stubborn the whole time and would barely let us see his face, but we managed to get a couple good shots. He is head down, but was face down too so we couldn’t really get a good shot of his face. When he would rotate a little bit, he would put his hands and feet in front of his face. Little turkey! We got a couple measurements, too! I’m still measuring exactly one week ahead of my estimated due date and he weighs 2.8 pounds at this point! The ultrasound tech said that is normal, most babies weigh 2 pounds at the 28 week mark. His feet were also a little over 2 inches long! Oh, and he’s definitely still a boy. I didn’t put the private parts pictures up, they were pretty up close and personal!









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