Baby Bump – 29 Weeks!

How Far Along: 29 Weeks! 11 Weeks to go. I forgot to mention last week after my OB appointment, I’ve been measuring a week ahead for about 6 weeks now.. So I’m not sure if baby boy is trying to tell us he’ll be a week early or not!

Baby Gender: Boy! Bode Hudson Saiz (Pronounced Bow-dee Size. We are those mean parents who name their kid something that’s impossible to pronounce.)

Baby Development/Movement: Supposedly, he is about 15 to 17 inches long and weighs around 2.5 to 3.8 pounds now. It’s so hard to really know, all these baby apps say different things. My book says he’s about 10 inches long so that’s quite a difference. Not too much longer and he’s going to be gaining half a pound a week. YIKES! We’re having an elective 3D ultrasound next week so we will get to see just how big he really is! Still, constantly moving. I just love feeling him roll around and kick and punch. Really, at this point, his brain is just maturing and starting to show more development.. Along with the other systems in his little body.

Belly Button: It’s getting there. It definitely looks like an outtie now because of my mole, but it’s not. Yet.

Stretch Marks: Nope. I thought I saw some last week and about had a mental breakdown. False alarm though.

Weeks Best: There have been a couple really awesome things happen in the past week or so. First off, we had our birthing class over the weekend. Even though it was an all day ordeal, I really did enjoy it and it was super informative. Jacob… He got a little bit squirmy during parts, but he made it through. It’s a lot more comforting after being walked through all the stages of labor and delivery, seeing the rooms we will be in, and just having a much better understanding of the whole child birth experience. I’m also scared shitless now. Secondly, I’ve been bragging big time about our new truck purchase. I am just so happy and excited for Jacob. He’s been driving around in a gem nicknamed “The Vibrator” (Pontiac Vibe) for so long, he really deserved an upgrade. Next, I had to go to St. Louis Monday afternoon for a workshop on Tuesday morning. I begged my mother to make the trip with me because it’s an awful drive, so she came with me. God bless that woman. Of course, we had to get up there early enough in the evening to go shopping. We have been on the hunt for a set of tables for the nursery to put next to the glider and to the right of the crib. We found these distressed baby blue end tables that look PERFECT in the room. We just have a few finishing touches in the room and then I’m going to put pictures up of the whole thing.

Weeks Worst: Not much to complain about other than the fact that these pregnancy hormones have made my face break out like a premenstrual teenage girl. It’s really very lovely. Not.




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