Baby Bump – 28 Weeks!


Age: 22

How Far Along: 28 Weeks. Third Trimester… Wooooooooo

Sex of baby: Boy! Bode Hudson Saiz (Pronounced Bow-dee Size) Poor kid is going to have the hardest time with people mispronouncing his name.

Baby Development/Movement: Bode is the size of an eggplant. I always thought eggplants were such a weird thing.. Are they a vegetable? I’m not even sure. Weird. Anyways, Bode Hudson is about 14 inches long and somewhere around 2 pounds. I feel like he’s the weight of an average bowling ball already. He is opening and closing his eyes and can sense light, hopefully when we have our ultrasound in a couple weeks he will open his eyes for us! He is still moving constantly. I had my 28 week appointment and glucose screening on Monday and we asked her how much room he had to move around. She said that he still has room to do somersaults, but it would be kind of like putting us in a box that holds a washing machine. Creepy. I think he’s already getting pretty cramped though because I’m feeling less and less kick and more full body movement. It is the strangest feeling. He was head down at the appointment and my OB was feeling around and could tell where his feet, legs, butt, etc. were and my mom and Jacob got a little feel. It’s so crazy that she can tell exactly where what is. Once again, I feel like he’s going to be so stubborn. Anytime anyone besides Jacob or I tries to feel him kicking, he just stops. I asked my OB how she could tell he was moving around with the doppler and she said it sounded like a washing machine, sure enough he just stopped moving when we listened to his heartbeat, but we did hear a few kicks. It’s absolutely amazing.

Diet & Exercise: Same ole same. We did finally get the treadmill to our house though, so hopefully I can talk myself into going for a short walk most nights. No promises. I think my belly has honestly quit growing so fast because I’ve starting watching my diet a lot more the past month or so. I’m just getting terrified I’m going to have a monster baby.

Belly Button: Almost completely flat. My OB said I can’t get my mole removed because there is too much blood flow right now, and she made a deal with me that after delivery if it could still be seen we’d remove it. You can’t see it when I’m not pregnant. Dang it!

Stretch Marks: None. Knock on wood.

Weeks Best: Hearing his heartbeat is always the highlight. I love feeling him moving around constantly instead of just feeling jabs. My whole belly is rolling around and it’s so amazing. Getting his nursery completely painted was a huge load off too and we absolutely love it. Just a few final touch ups and it will be good to go too!


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