The Nursery!

We have a complete nursery! Completely painted anyways. I still have to decide on fabric to reupholster the glider and for the curtains, pick out a rug, then I think we will be all done, finally! My fantastic mom and a great friend of hers painted the whole thing for me. I am not crafty so I jump when someone offers to paint. A couple weeks ago my mom painted the room a light gray, which we were skeptical about because it looked like a very faint baby blue. Still kind of does.

Stripes – Step 1. Decide how wide you want the widest part of your stripe to be, and make marks every foot or two around the entire room. Use a level to connect the marks around the entire room and then tape off. If you paint a small amount of the original color on top of the tape and onto to wall (gray), you will then be able to paint inside the two tape lines with the second color (white) without the white paint leaking through the tape. They say the paint is supposed to be leak free, but they’re full of shit.

Stripes – Step 2. Paint the entirety of the room with color number two (white) and let set for 24 hours before you rip the tape off to make sure it’s completely dry.

And we have a perfect white stripe!

Stripes – Step 3. You repeat the same process you did for the white stripe. Measure, mark, level, tape, paint (with white) on top of the paint, then use the third color (blue). It’s actually a lot easier than it sounds. I thought this whole thing was going to be a nightmare. I guess it wasn’t for me because I just got to sit and watch.

Last step: I just went online and googled “wooden letters” and ended up finding a font that I liked here. I’m pretty sure the ones I ordered were 1/4 inch think. They were light even weight that we just used 3M tape on the backside. Jacob the master spray painter painted the letters. We just laid out a giant piece of card board, set the letters on top of upside down solo cups, and sprayed. Make sure you’re a good foot away or so and don’t start spraying directly onto the letter. Start a little to the left or right and go over the letter.

Voila!!! The most precious nursery I’ve ever seen. We love it.

Baby Cache Heritage Crib | Harper Nursery Bedding Set


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