Baby Bode!


Baby Saiz has a name!

Bode Hudson Saiz, Noun. [Bow-dee Hudson Size]

Yes, we wanted it to be a surprise…. We just couldn’t keep it to ourselves anymore. I couldn’t do it. We decided on a name so early and decided to keep it a secret so long ago, that I feel like I’ve kept it secret through the full pregnancy. So whatever! Like a million people have asked me how it’s pronounced already. I know it looks like ‘mode’ but with a B, but ask yourself.. Is that even a name? No. Bode is, though. Think “Bode Miller,” professional skier. Or Patrick Swayze as Bode in Point Break. Anywho, we think it’s an adorable name for an adorable little guy that we haven’t even met yet! 96 more days…… Yikes.


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