Wedding Portraits!

We got our wedding proofs back over the weekend and I am SO extremely pleased with the quality of the pictures. It was a struggle in finding a photographer in Phoenix who we knew nothing about, but I think we made an awesome decision with the photographer we chose. The Royal Palms is seriously one of the most photogenic places on the planet, though, so with that kind of scenery I’m sure it makes the job quite easy. As I’ve already said, I’m kind of sad with the way I looked. I wish I was at my pre-pregnant best, but what can I really do now. Other than my own insecurities, the photos are AMAZING!


The Royal Palms Resort and Spa

Harrison Hurwitz Photography

The Flower Studio


4 thoughts on “Wedding Portraits!

  1. laurenic0le says:

    You look beautiful! I just recently did the same exact thing. We got married just as I hit 25 weeks! Haven’t gotten my proofs back yet but a few and I’m in love. Pregnant women just have that amazing GLOW and we got to rock that on our wedding day, even better for us! Congrats! 🙂

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