Our Weekend in Pictures

Mother nature pulled one of her typical midwest mood swings and went from mid 80’s on Friday to low 60’s on Saturday so of course we all froze at Kooper’s soccer game on Saturday. I have to admit though, I’m pretty excited for the cool weather. As long as we don’t get back up in the 80’s, I’m good to go.

Kooper is a night and day difference this year in soccer. He is a scoring machine. Plus it’s so fun to watch him get into it and have fun this year.

A little sneak peak of baby boys crib and bedding. I bought these sheets, but then fell in love with another bedding set that has it’s own sheet sets, so I’ll just have to see if they will go together. I’m overly ready to get started on the nursery!!

Jacob Junior. Decked out from head to toe in Dodger’s gear. Jacob went on a small shopping spree the other day for Dodger’s gear for the boys, so I think they’re good to go for a while.

Just a random picture of the little boy. Can’t leave him out. (Ignore the stuff in the background, STILL trying to get some stuff hung up in the living room.)
Sidenote: I honestly think he is more high maintenance than the baby is going to be. He wears us slick. We washed his big bed on Saturday, now he refuses to even touch it. I finally got a good nights sleep last night, until 4:15 that is. He had his big, wet nose right in my face until I got up and let him out. I think this is just a game he likes to play.. “let’s see if I can piss Mom or Dad off so much they’ll get out of bed even though I don’t even need to go to the bathroom that bad.”

Headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for Dad’s birthday. I told Kooper Friday when I picked him up that that’s where we were going for Jacob’s birthday and by god he did not forget. Never a fail with B Dubs. (Yes, we are stopped at a stop light.)


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