Baby Bump – 24 Weeks!


How Far Along: 24 Weeks. I can’t believe I’m already 6 months down.

Baby Development: He’s the size of a cantaloupe! I feel like he’s already the size of a watermelon. Good grief. He’s anywhere from 8 to 11 inches long and somewhere around 1.5 pounds. His skin becoming more pink and less see-through so I guess that is comforting. His lungs are fully formed, they couldn’t work on their own yet, but we’re getting closer! I was measuring 25 centimeters yesterday, so just barely ahead of schedule.

Movement: Dear. God. He doesn’t stop moving. Doesn’t sleep. Yesterday at our 6 month check up, my doctor was even said he’s a super busy guy based on his heartbeat and she reassured me that fetal activity has no affect on hyper activity after he’s born. We’ll see, I think this guy is going to come out a complete spazz. I was awake half the night and sure enough, he was too. Just kickin’ it with mom. Literally.

Exercise & Diet: Meh. My diet isn’t bad though. It’s getting to the point where I absolutely cannot eat a full meal or I’m miserable for hours. I made sure I ate a smaller portion last night, and I guess it still wasn’t small enough. I think that’s why I was up all night. Couldn’t breathe, couldn’t get comfortable. I still have quite a ways to go so I’m starting to freak out a little bit. I now completely and 100% sympathize with you big preggers who are always miserable. My OB was trying to pump Jacob up yesterday for me being a complete bitch in the months to come. Poor guy.

Week’s Best: Getting to hear BS heartbeat yesterday. That always trumps any happy moments throughout the week. It sucks that we don’t get to have another ultrasound for 8-12 weeks, so we may be going back to the 3D/4D place to see this little punkins face. We are too impatient.

Week’s Worst: After all the commotion of vacation, the wedding, family weddings, etc. it’s nice to have absolutely nothing planned until the holidays so I can’t complain too much. With one exception (See Above). Eating is my favorite past time so not being able to really enjoy food anymore blows. Also, I had a dream last night that was terrible. In my dream, I went to college after my junior year of high school, went to college for four years, then had to go back and finish my last year of high school. I forgot in high school you have to actually have your parents call the school if you’re going to be gone from school; so I was just sleeping in, going to some classes, skipping the stupid ones, the normal college thing. That was just a dream and that’s basically the worst thing that’s happened to me in a while. While I’m on the subject of dreams, after the season and series finale of Breaking Bad on Sunday I had a dream that I cooked a bunch of meth. I cannot watch anything on TV these days without having dreams about it.


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