Baby Bump – 23 Weeks!


How far along: 23 Weeks!
Baby Development: BS is the size of an ear of corn. Still somewhere between 10.5 to 11.8 inches long and a little more than a pound. He’s really working on breathing right now, practicing breathing-like movements. He definitely looks like a baby now, has for weeks, but he looks like a human infant now rather than worm with appendages.
Movement: Oh geez. Constantly. I don’t think he ever sleeps! Especially in the late evenings before I’ve laid down in bed. He was moving and kicking so hard the night before last that I could see my belly rolling around.
Exercise & Diet: Other than the 4 days we were in Scottsdale, I’m eating so healthy and working out almost everyday. Pretty proud of myself here. I had to pick Beau up from the boarders on Monday and he absolutely refused to get in the car so I just walked him home. Walking him when he’s excited is like walking an untrained horse. Obviously. So I decided I’d run with him. Big mistake. I was wearing booties, haven’t ran in months, so I feel like I have shin splits from running a damn marathon.
Belly Button: It’s almost completely flat at this point. I’m debating on having my mole cut off while it’s all out and exposed because it’s weird and I don’t like looking at it.
Weeks Best: Well, obviously, getting married. Baby boy’s mom and dad have officially tied the knot. As much of a rush as it was planning the wedding in so few months, it’s nice having it out of the way and being married once the baby gets here. Even if I wasn’t 100 percent pleased with the way I looked. Just gives us a reason to renew our vows at some point! Right? 🙂
Weeks Worst: What is there to even complain about? Nothing. Nada. Our lives have fallen into place perfectly and we couldn’t be happier. Except —– going to the dry heat in Arizona and returning to humid Kansas/Missouri you run the risk of allergies and colds flaring up. Thankfully, it wasn’t me this time. It was Jacob. I’d almost rather it’d be me though. Typical man. He was convinced by Monday that he had the flu because he had a headache, stuffy nose, and a cough. It wasn’t until last night, at the ripe age of 28 (29 in less than two weeks) that Jacob learned the common cold and the flu ARE NOT the same thing. He honestly had no clue. Here I am raising a 5 year old, a full sized Great Dane puppy, a 28 year old man child, and having a newborn in a few months. I’m such a lucky woman.


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