Wonderful Wedding Weekend

Our wedding weekend has came and gone, just like that! I really can’t believe it’s already over. When we started talking about marriage, we planned on a spring wedding next year which obviously all changed with the news of Baby Saiz and happened a lot sooner than we imagined. It was a fabulous weekend though, we got to share it with the people that we love, at one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.





It just so happened that the Dodgers were in town the week of our wedding playing the Diamondbacks, so we made sure we got to Phoenix early enough to make the game. We actually got there at like 9:30 in the morning so we had all day to get our marriage license, eat lunch, watch the full game (where the Dodgers won the Western division), check into our awesome hotel, get my practice wedding hair done, and eat a late dinner at the Yardhouse. We just can’t ever get away from our favorite spots.

My family is all from central Oklahoma, so of course they have blossomed into huge OKC Thunder fans. I even like the Thunder since they’re (somewhat) local. Jacob, however, is still diehard Lakers and everyone knows this. A good friend of our family thought it would be a great idea to give Jacob this gift for the baby, a Thunder onesie! I thin it’s awesome. BS is going to be wearing some sort of sports gear every day until he’s able to decide for himself which teams he’s rooting for. (Cowboys, cowboys!!)

We had our “rehearsal dinner” at our favorite restaurant in the world, Mastros City Hall Steakhouse. I’ve had lots of good steaks, but these steaks are like nothing I’ve ever tasted. Everything on the menu is like a gift from God to my mouth. Plus, we got our picture on the menu (which I didn’t know was happening) so that is a pretty cool thing we’ll get to keep forever!










Everything above really speaks for itself. Everything was perfect. I couldn’t imagine it being any better. Most “destination” weddings are headed to a beautiful beach somewhere, but the Royal Palms was the perfect spot for us. It’s right smack in the middle of the desert, yet covered in trees, flowers, and everything green. So freaking fantastic. Of course, I wish I was looking by best and thinnest and there was a way to not look so big and pregnant, but what can ya do. Hopefully my photographer can work some miracles and make me feel a little better about my appearance in the wedding portraits. Everything else, though, perfect. I know I’m just saying the same thing over and over. There really isn’t anything else to say about it! One funny thing did happen though. Our officiant, who was amazing, made the ceremony extremely personal. He got tons of information from us individually and as a couple that made ceremony very intimate. Somewhere in the shuffle though, we got mixed up. As he was announcing us as a married couple he said, “ladies and gentleman, MR & MRS RUIZ!!” I about shit. I didn’t see the look on his face, but I know he was horrified he made this mistake when everyone started laughing and my sister informed him it was actually “Saiz.” Being the happy-go-lucky’s we are, Jacob and I thought it was hilarious and weren’t mad in the slightest. It really made it that much more perfect and gave us a memory that will NEVER be forgotten by anyone there. I know the officiant felt terrible; he gave such a wonderful ceremony, that’s all that really matters to us. Plus, Mr. & Mrs. Ruiz is now your incognito name whenever we want to hide our real identities! 😉


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