20 Week Ultrasound

// We got to see BS again yesterday! Oh how amazing it is to see your little one before they’re actually even here. We love him so much already. Even if he looks like Dobby from Harry Potter. He even has a shit-eating grin on in one of those pictures below. What are we in for with this little one?! We laugh out loud thinking about him, if he has the personality of me and Jacob combined. I really hope so. Yesterday was quite an amazing day for the Saiz family. Not only did we get to see and hear baby, Daddy also got a promotion of his job. This couldn’t of happened at a better time with baby coming in a few months. I’m so proud of him!! He’s now one of the youngest managers that he works with, it’s quite an accomplishment for him and he really deserves it. I have a picture of him dressed up this morning since he can only swear slacks now, but he has a mouth full of cereal and I figured he would throw a bitch fit if I put it up. God bless ’em. Things are quickly coming together for our family and we are so grateful.








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