Labor Day Weekend in Pictures

After much waiting, we FINALLY have bedroom furniture and a dining room table. Of course, picking it up wasn’t as simple as just driving to the store to pick it up. We had to pick it up in Springfield which is a over an hour from our house, and when we got there at about 6:15 on Friday evening, they were freaking closed. I had Chipotle set in stone on my brain all week while planning to go pick up the furniture, so I wasn’t TOO upset since I still got to eat that. Jacob and my sister’s boyfriend went back Saturday morning to pick it up; Jacob (with some help from me) spent Saturday and Sunday putting all this crap together. All the waiting was worth it though, our house finally looks complete and now we actually have somewhere to eat our food and put our clean clothes. We finally got some R&R yesterday though, a day full of sun and good food!



The Maribel Collection
We also have the matching dresser and chest. I have to brag for a second, I LOVE IT!

The Carlyle Collection
Please ignore the towel there in the back, that is Beau’s burp rag. (He slobbers like you wouldn’t believe)

Going on a dinner and movie date with Jacob after a long day of putting furniture together. Big ole boy in there!

Hair just blowin’ in the wind. He had this look on his face forever… It was killing me.

Monday morning shenanigans.. I am so outnumbered by boys.

We went to my parents all day for Labor Day to swim and eat dinner and we took big Beau with us. He played so hard with his cousins Ruger and Libby (German Shepherds) that he couldn’t even move this morning. I had to bribe him out of bed with treats, normally he is in my face the second my alarm goes off.


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