Stop Animal Cruelty

Stop Animal Cruelty

Animals are HUGE passion of mine. This is why when we decided to get a dog, I wanted the biggest breed they make. The one that would cost me to most. The one that I would love like a real human being and it would love me back in a big way. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the little yappers that run around biting at your ankles. But I would take 10 Great Danes, Saint Bernards, German Shepherds, etc. knocking me down and licking my face any day. I love my big Beau and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. I follow so many Great Dane Instagram accounts and 95% of the time they’re happy, playful posts of sloppy tongues and floppy ears all over the place. Every once in a while, though, there will be a story of negligence and it brings me to tears every single time. Every purchase from this website gives a $10 donation to help a rescued animal. This is Phoebe, a Great Dane, who was found on the side of the road completely emaciated and full of parasites. If you do not have the means to provide for a large breed dog and give them the time, love, and affection they need, please PLEASE do not bring one into your home. If you find yourself unable to provide for a large dog after you already have one; find it a new, safe home or ask a shelter or humane society if they have room. Leaving an animal to fend for itself is the worst form of torture. So many people don’t realize what it takes to provide for large animals and leave them out to die. This is so absolutely heart breaking. Animals deserve the right to live a happy, healthy life too. They don’t get that chance if humans, as their superiors, neglect them. There are lots of cute shirts and other items on this website. You should really check it out.


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