Baby Bump – 19 Weeks!

20130828-082044.jpgAlmost halfway there! Holy cannoli.

(Please excuse the tired eyes, it’s early damnit!)

Age: 22

How far along: 19 weeks!

Baby Develoment: He’s the size of a mango! About 6 inches long and 8.5 ounces. I can definitely tell he’s growing quickly because my belly is growing at an exponential rate and I’m always starving! His sensory system is also developing quickly, his brain is designating areas for the 5 senses. His arms and legs are also proportional to his body now so in that aspect he’s done growing and will just continue to get longer and beef up.

Movement: Lots and lots. Every time I eat he starts kicking. Also, I crave my coffee so I allow myself to have a small cup in the mornings and I think the caffeine gives him a little boost too because he starts rolling around and punching my gut. Daddy still can’t feel his little kicks, but I definitely can. We told big brother he was kicking and he felt my belly and is convinced he felt baby brother kick. 🙂

Maternity Clothes: You already know. I’m so over summer and just ready to wear sweaters and cardi’s every day. This one is pretty breezy so I guess it’s okay to wear while it’s still technically summer. It’s cold in my office anyway.

Exercise: Well it’s hit and miss, but I’m really trying. I swear!

Stretch Marks: None yet, hopefully none ever! I’m pouring on this coconut oil/vitamin E cream/baby lotion concoction like 3 times a day so hopefully it works.

Weeks best: Feeling our little guy kick gets me every time. It’s so amazing, and I’m finally actually feeling pregnant because I feel something!

Weeks Worst: Well, we discovered we have a mouse in the house. I got online to read up on some of the best ways to catch them and some jackhole was saying how they saw mice poop in their bed, on their babies changing table, etc. GROSS. We have like a million glue traps, regular traps, and poison all over the house so we’re catching that sucker soon!


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