Our Vacation in Pictures

DSC00291DSC00302image copy 5image copy 3image copy 2DSC00309

Vacation in the Dominican has came and gone and how sad it is. Back to reality. Although it is nice to be back eating good, American food and hearing lots of English. No complaints from here though, it was amazing getting away for a week with my family and enjoying our time together. No one got plastered and made an ass of themselves on this vacation, so I guess we’re making progress. It was brought to my attention though, that that may be because the ring leader is pregnant and couldn’t drink. How dare someone say that! I’m an angel. Really though as much as I enjoy our vacation, it breaks my heart for the people who work at the resorts. The Dominican is most definitely a portrait of a third world nation. The people working at those resorts probably make 2 or 3 dollars an hour. Not to mention the hours they work, there were wait staff that would be working the buffets in the morning and still there working in the restaurants at nights. Even with the long hours and piss poor pay, they are your idol waiters with a huge smile on their face. Let’s just say we didn’t forget to tip every time we left a restaurant or the bar for the day. It makes me so grateful for the things I have and they way get to live in our country. On a lighter note though, Baby Saiz decided to make his presence known early on in the week and he is still a kickin’. It’s so exciting and I will definitely remember the trip for that reason. Jacob’s dad called it, he knew BS would start kicking away when we left. Baby boy is getting bigger and stronger in there!


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