Baby Bump – 18 Weeks!


I know I said there would be no bare belly pictures, but I’m on the beach… So who really cares. Except the people who are looking at me funny trying to figure out if I’m pregnant or just really oddly shaped. Oh well. Screw em!

How far along: 18 weeks
How big is BS: 5.6 inches long and 6.7 ounces! About the length of a bell pepper. Fitting since bell peppers of any color are a main food group in my diet.
Baby Development: His ears are in their final position. I wonder if they’re going to look like satellite dishes like daddies did when he was little.
Movement: All kinds! Finally. I’ve been feeling bubbles and jolts since Monday morning. Pretty much right on que every time I eat.
Maternity clothes: I’m squeezing into pre-pregnancy dresses and swimsuit cover ups this week. I haven’t even attempted to put jeans on, but I imagine that would be a big failure. Tights it is!
Exercise: Well if you count all the trips to the restroom and squatting over the toilet as exercise, I’m getting lots of it!


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