Baby Bump – 17 Weeks!


I’m finally getting my engagement ring and wedding ring resized. Feels so weird not having it on!

How far along: 17 Weeks!
How big is baby: Baby boy Saiz is now the size of a large orange. One baby website compares a 17 week old fetus to a onion, which repulses me and reminds me of Shrek.. So we’ll go with large orange. He is now 5.1 inches long and 5.9 ounces. So crazy that it took 14 weeks for him to even get to an ounce and now he’s gaining an ounce basically every week.
Baby Development: BS umbilical cord is growing thicker and stronger now. Basically from here on out, he’s just plumping up and putting on fat that keeps him warm and makes him look more like a real human baby. Yay!
Maternity Clothes: Oh yeah. Stretchy maternity shirts and leggings are my best buddies.
Movement: None. Errrrrrg.
Exercise: I’ve done Pilates or some sort of aerobic exercise every day this week. I’m not going to jinx it.
Weeks Best Moment: Hearing BS heartbeat again at our appointment on Monday. It was varying from 148-151, so that low heart rate for boys bologna isn’t true for this little guy!
Weeks Worst Moment: You know when you want something with all your might and you just know there is absolutely no way in the world you can have it? That’s how I feel about wine. I need a glass of Cabernet in a bad, bad way.


3 thoughts on “Baby Bump – 17 Weeks!

  1. dreamsxofxsummer says:

    Tomorrow is 20 weeks for me and I still haven’t felt baby kick,if it has I blamed it on gas. My guess would be that you are having a boy,but then again I thought i was gonna have a girl b/c the heart rate was 166 at my first appointment,but at my last one it was 140. So you never know.

    • babymommasaiz says:

      I just want to feel some movement! We had a 3D/4D ultrasound last week and it’s DEFINITELY a boy. I have some ultrasound pictures somewhere on the blog if you can find them! 🙂

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