Moving is a Mother…

Our weekend has been completely consumed with the new house. We got to close Friday at 3 and immediately headed to the new place to start painting. Well… For my mom to start painting. She’s a freakin’ champ, got the whole living room and entryway done Friday night and started on the master bedroom today. It already looks so so good! We absolutely love it. Jacob has been sliding in the fact he wants a new TV into conversation lately, so yesterday after he bitched and moaned about having to go back to Lowe’s after moving all day, I approved a new TV and that made his mood do a 180. Boys and their toys.. We have bedroom furniture and dining room furniture on the way that should be here this week, I’m so anxious to get that and the house will be complete! Until I find something else to for Jacob to do. Muahaha. But all in all, I am so in love with the house and can’t wait to get settled and get our family started here. Yay!

Been in the new house for 30 minutes and Jacob is already getting bossed around.

All this moving stuff has Big Beau worn slick.


Almost completely finished living room with the exception of some pictures above the couch. I am in love!



Kooper’s new big boy room!




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