We Bought A Zoo

We Bought A Zoo

Just kidding, we really only bought a house ( but it’s a really cute house). We couldn’t be more excited though. After waiting weeks and weeks, we finally got a closing date and we will be snug as a bug in a rug in our new home by the end of the weekend! Yay. The only thing I’m worried about is Big Beau. Every time we take him to my parents or sisters house, he runs around like a wild man. His 100+ pound body being thrown around is sure to break a thing or two in the near future. We are so excited to move forward in this phase of our lives in our new home together, get us, Kooper, and the dog settled, and welcome the baby home in only five short months. It almost doesn’t seem real sometimes that a year ago I was moving into a new apartment in Lawrence about to start my senior year of college and now I own my own home with my amazing fiance. (I am a master of run-on sentences). So if anyone is looking for us this weekend – we will be making moves to get into the new house. Feel free to come help, we’ll compensate you in beer!


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