14 Weeks!

14 Weeks!

Two weeks into my second trimester and everything is going just perfectly! Except the dreams I’ve been having, they are getting more and more intense and freaky. This is also kind of a weird picture. Oh well. My mom mentioned to me last night that I’m “losing my waistline” so that’s depressing, yet exciting at the same time. I’m ready for this belly to pop out so I actually have proof I’m pregnant. This week, BS is the size of a lemon at 3.4 inches and 1.5 ounces. WOOO we’re over an ounce now! Almost doubling since last week. BS could even be sucking his thumb and figuring out to wiggle his toes too. He’s also getting little peach-fuzz hair all over his body. So cute. He’s probably making faces too, frowning and smiling. By the end of the week, his arms should even be proportionate to the rest of his body so he no longer will have T-Rex arms! We’re getting closer and closer to feeling flutters. Come on, BS, give me something here!

Exercise Level: Well, we may be making a little progress here. Jacob and I went on a 45 minute-ish walk Monday night which is more than I can say for the past few weeks. I need this energy to come back!

Food Likes & Dislikes: I’m finally getting my taste for chicken back, so Jacob is happy I can make him yummy food again. I keep trying to eat bananas, but the texture is just gross. Other than that though, I can eat just about anything. The coffee at work though is gross, but I think that’s just because it’s the cheapy kind. I have talked my dad into getting a Keurig though, score!

Maternity Clothes: Other than a maternity maxi dress, I don’t really have any true maternity clothes yet. I mostly just started buying mediums or larges in regular clothes depending on the place so they are looser. Belly bands are worn just about every day now, though!


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