Girl Weekend

My baby daddy went to STL for the weekend, leaving me at home with Beau, the laziest dog in the history of dogs. So I kind of made it a girls weekend and enjoyed a corn dog at the fair last night with, idk, my BFF Rose. Just kidding, her name is Mattie. I got to sleep in late this morning and only had to get out of bed to enjoy the hour long prenatal massage Jacob got for me. That gal worked me over! I knew my back hurt, but I didn’t realize I had so many knots everywhere. Sheesh. Then I laid out the rest of the afternoon with my mom, sister, and Rose (aka Mattie) until the rain ruined that. Now I’m just debating on how to get my body from the bed to the shower so I can get ready to enjoy another fair festivities filled evening. It’s sad that the thing I looked forward to the most right now is sleeping in. Better get it while I can!


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