13 Weeks!

13 Weeks!

I have smoothly arrived in my second trimester! As I’ve already said, I’m almost positive BS is a HE so I am going to say HE from here on out. If it does happen to be a girl, well then, it’s a new surprise all over again! Baby boy is the size of a peach, 2.9 inches long and .81 ounces. Almost a FULL ounce! Gettin’ tubby. As you can see in the ultrasound picture from Monday, his head is now about 1/3 of the size of the rest of his body so he actually looks like a baby now! Kind of. His fingerprints are also formed now and his vocal cords are forming! Wow. Maybe he will be a professional singer one day. Since I like to tell Jacob my real baby daddy is Justin Timberlake, there may be a chance. It is super creepy though that if we saw the baby right now we could see all his veins and organs. Yikes. It was SO amazing though, at the ultrasound, we could see his heart beating in his chest on the screen. Wild! We are like 99% sure on baby boy Saiz’ name and it’s going to be so hard not to share it with everyone!


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