12 Week Ultrasound!

12 Week Ultrasound!

We got to see BS again yesterday and (HE) has grown so much! It was crazy how much bigger he’s gotten. I am 96% sure it’s a boy so I’m just going to say he from here on out :). We saw all his fingers on both hands and he was squirming around in there like he was on a slip-n-slide. We were just in complete awe. We got to hear his heartbeat again and it was at 140. BOY, duh. Even the midwife who did my ultrasound was like “oh yeah, the chances of this being a girl are pretty low.” Jacob is still holding out a tad bit of hope for a girl though! I think I’m probably going to end up with a house full of boys when it’s all said and done. She gave us like 6 pictures and I just couldn’t quit staring at them. I’m only 1 day away from being in my 2nd trimester though, yeah buddy.


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